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Questions immediately arise in the wake of the stream of unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations made by Kevin Chesham and Beverley Mason in collusion with David Robert Donovan Farrant (whose name I give in full due to Kevin sometimes referring to him in correspondence to people as "Donovan") whose malicious propaganda they adopted and disseminated with clear intent to cause me and mine harm.

Why did Kevin wait three and a half decades before having "seen enough on this occasion – enough to make Bev and himself think very carefully about any future meetings, and indeed, what positive role Sean could ever play in their lives again"? Note, as always was the case, it is all about what they can extract from a situation and not what they bring to one. I am the same person I was when I was a teenager. My views, outlook, philosophy and beliefs have not fundamentally changed. I was in my thirtieth year when I first met Kevin and I was no different spiritually, emotionally and most every other way in 1973 to how I am now. Yet he claims that he could no longer abide who and what I am after his December 2007 visit, which was the last time we saw either of them. That notwithstanding, he was too cowardly to tell me in person. Certainly not to my face, and not even in the form of written correspondence or an e-mail. In fact, I did not learn of their betrayal of our friendship until Beverley Mason confirmed it after I already knew owing to David Farrant advertising it on his blog. Farrant must have thought all his Christmasses had arrived at once!

If Kevin was so disgusted about things in December 2007, why did he write supporting me and making threats against David Farrant in December 2009  two years after our last meeting? An extract from his letter to Keith Maclean appears above. More of the same letter can be found at "Allegations." Indeed, why was he writing admiringly about the leader of the British Union of Fascists back in August 1998, which is a decade before his "Fascist" accusations against me? This letter appears in its entirety at "Allegations II."

Why did Kevin enter into a relationship with the Kerry Bolton, pictured above, the founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path who had been a member of the Temple of Set (a breakaway group with neo-Nazi sentiments that split from the Church of Satan) who at the time was secretary of the New Zealand Fascist Union and in 2004 became the secretary of the New Zealand National Front?

Why did Kevin remain in correspondence with Kerry Bolton after he had returned to Great Britain in the latter half of the 1990s and ignore all my warnings about this man and his neo-Nazi-satanic ideology?

Why did Kevin and Beverley wear Christian crosses around their necks in 2006 and 2007? Kevin has stated all along that he is a Buddhist and has been for forty years. Beverley, while claiming to me in person to be a Christian, indeed a member of the Church of England, subsequent to our last meeting has stated to have been a Buddhist throughout all the time I have known her. What was the purpose of them wearing crosses other than to deceive and create a false image at a time when they had already turned to the dark side?

Why does Kevin describe me as being eccentric for having Christian statues? He states: "I must admit he does have a lot of statues. Again, as in the past, I put this down to eccentricity, and humoured the whole situation so as not to cause any direct offence." Is it really eccentric for a Christian bishop to have statues of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin, St Francis of Assisi and other saints at his retreat house? I am pictured above with two good friends, one of whom is Jewish (despite Kevin offensively referring to me as an "anti-semite" and "racist") in my home. A fellow priest and a friend of many years is pictured below. He is African. I have many close friends from all over the world. I love them for who they are and judge nobody by their race or creed. I would like to maintain the diversity we enjoy in God's garden and not lose any of it. Kevin also accuses me of being homophobic when he is probably the most homophobic individual I have known. Within weeks of first making Kevin's acquaintance he had verbally attacked and denigrated in front of his fellow workers a homosexual man also employed by the Borough of Barnet.  My position on all these controversial matters is no different to that of Pope Benedict XVI and most other Christian leaders.

Why does Kevin call me "eccentric" for having traditional Christian items when his favourite music fluctuates between Al Jolson and 1930s Fascist marching songs? Is it not eccentric of him to consume forty eggs and several chickens per day? Kevin completely identifies with a dark and dismal era before he was born. Is that not eccentric? He never wears any clothes other than track suits and trainers. He turned up at our wedding reception wearing trainers, track suit bottom and a T-shirt. Likewise, he wore a track suit at a funeral. He was similarly attired when he attended my episcopal consecration and other special occasions. He shows no respect or interest in acknowledging the nature of what is happening outside his own self-obsessed world.

Why did Kevin complain of being isolated when he always isolated himself? Kevin is one of the least gregarious people I have ever met in my life. Intimations of a difficult childhood might hold the key, but he has never shown any genuine interest in people other than those who share his fanaticism for sport, or fascination with the Third Reich. We were put on our guard after his return from New Zealand when he started to become pre-occupied with any future address we might have. He knew we were looking at properties in Glastonbury, but when his interest became so very obvious (it is all he and Beverley enquired about when they visited until their interest in Farrant re-emerged and started to eclipse the topic) we decided not to inform him of our plans and certainly not any acquisitions we might make. This, in turn, led to him withholding his own address which is currently in Wickhay, Basildon. This atmosphere of mutual suspicion and distrust grew as they fed us with nonsense we knew to be unsafe, and we tried to draw them out by showing no aversion to their increasingly extreme views. That Kevin was turned by Kerry Bolton seemed apparent, but it was never imagined for a single moment that either of them could be turned by Farrant. This was a betrayal of friendship that nobody had been able to predict, or indeed accept. Most of the epithets used by others to describe Kevin cannot be repeated here, but "hypocrite" and "liar" are apposite.

Why does Kevin want to be bigger than he really is? His quest has always been to inflate himself to something he is not. Only his ego outstrips the rest of him, and this shows on his face in photographs.
Kevin has accepted and repeated the worst of David Farrant's libel. He has taken what he knows to be true about me and inverted it. I oppose war and violence. I am against all forms of abuse, bulllying, stalking and harassment, and I reject bigotry and hatred in all its manifestations. Yet Kevin paints the opposite picture of me; one much more akin to a portrait of himself. It is a poor reflection on his intelligence if he imagines anyone will be taken in by his attempts save where they are of a similar mind and are themselves abusive.

Why does Kevin claim to be a pacifist? He says: "Despite my military career, I am in essence a pacifist, and do not condone violence, which I consider to be the hallmark of an uncivilised society." Yet within days of knowing him I recognised his propensity for violence. He nearly assaulted a person senior to him at Finchley Pool, and showed aggresion a lot of the time he worked there. When out running he would shout at strangers who were smoking cigarettes. I recall him potentially vandalising vehicles by running over the bonnets and roofs of cars parked down Merton Lane as we left Hampstead Heath on a run. He would bang on the roofs of cars who cut him up on the road when he was out cycling, and I was told of occasions where he threatened motor vehicle drivers with violence. What kind of pacifist takes employment as a night club bouncer where, by his own admission, he did unsavoury things about which he is now ashamed?

What was the self-proclaimed "pacifist Buddhist" and believer in "non-violence" doing owning several deadly weapons which he kept in security safes at his home prior to emigrating? Representing the modern pentathlon reserve team for the Army enabled Kevin to acquire a firearms certificate, but he owned rather more than the pistol used in his discipline. He told my wife and I that he had acquired automatic weapons which he kept at his home that were not covered by a normal firearms certificate. He indicated that these were illegal weapons, and obviously fall outside the remit for the target shooting of a modern pentathlete. Why did he need these automatic assault weapons? What was the purpose in him acquiring them? 

Why did Kevin inform my wife and I that he was in communication with German female who had worked in British Army Intelligence and was now offering to hack into anyone's computer for him, or find out other information he might want? We had the distinct impression that this was an intimidatory statement rather than him offering the service to us. He mentioned this German female on at least three occasions. We showed absolutely no interest and, like much of what Kevin claimed, took it with a very large pinch of salt. 

Why is Kevin standing alongside a large photograph of Adolf Hitler in this picture taken in Berlin in 2004?

How can Kevin Chesham possibly explain away what he is doing in the above picture? He is unquestionably giving a Fascist salute while wearing what looks like an English Defence League quasi-uniform? And he has the audacity to call other people Fascists! The truth is that politics were never discussed when he visited until it became apparent he had been infected by Bolton. Then everything was done to draw out of him the poison. Unfortunately, he had already read my novel Carmel by that point, in which I describe the Nazis in such a negative way that would have alerted him. He would also have probably become acquainted with From Satan To Christ after receiving and reading Farrant's hate-filled pamphlets maligning me. In these pamphlets my work is mentioned. This would have occurred soon after our last meeting. From Satan To Christ warns against the Nazi-occult connection. Kerry Bolton, of course, founded the Black Order (The Nexus being its newsletter) intended to be an activist front promoting an "occult-fascist axis" by mobilising political groups and youth culture elements such as industrial music. 

Why has Kevin attempted to project himself onto me while trying to adopt aspects of my character for himself? He describes my marriage in a way more appropriate to his own. He projects his love of Fascism onto me while offering himself to the public as some sort of peace loving Buddhist. Where is there any record of him participating in anything peaceful? Where is there any record of his spiritual endeavours? He told my guests that he is a member of the BNP. Now he is repeating David Farrant's false and totally unsubtsantiated accusations against me and adding to them his own toxic brew of falsehood. Yet I have been an organiser for CND and still remain a representative of Pax Christi. Far from canvassing for a far right organisation like the National Front, as claimed by Farrant and now Kevin, I have been physically attacked by people belonging to this group. A Combat 18 website administrator has also uploaded my image where I am in Christian sacerdotal vestments and incited violence against me at the behest of Kevin's new friend.

Where is the empirical evidence that Kevin Chesham is non-violent, peaceful and a Buddhist? There is none. The autocephalous jurisdiction where I hold primacy is called Ecclesia Apostolica Jesu Christi (Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ) also known as The Grail Church. Its doctrine and beliefs are on record in a book I wrote seventeen years ago with the same title. It promotes non-violence and peace from cover to cover.

Why would Kevin claim that I "despise Glastonbury" when it is my spiritual home? I love Glastonbury!

Why would Kevin claim that I told him "something must be done about David Farrant" when, as seen in the his correspondence, I was the one calming the situation and advising that Kevin ignore this man? Almost every letter Kevin wrote to me or our mutual friends contained expressions of enmity towards David Farrant as confirmed in the examples below:

Why did I tolerate what was going on right under my nose as Kevin grew more extreme in his ideology?

I had known Kevin a long time and once it was realised he had been contaminated by a neo-Nazi-satanic ideology I felt obliged to monitor his behaviour to try and find out what exactly was going on. He revealed less and less, and became uncommunicative, barely speaking to anyone on his last three visits. His orders were probably to bide his time and then attempt to discredit me whilst making an ally of my long-standing adversary who is believed by many, including in all probability Kerry Bolton, to be a Satanist. Beverley Mason attempted to find something when she snooped around our home with her spy camera, but failed because it does not exist. A collector of militaria is not the same as a Nazi. Some items had been received as gifts from Kevin while others were curios that held a certain novelty value, eg the eagle with my initials which had been given to me by an acquaintance. Booklets and press cuttings often came from Kevin.
Kevin became more and more isolated and has only managed to achieve the ultimate ignominy of being a mouthpiece for an ex-convict, a man Kevin has claimed to despise for as many years as I have known him. Now he is no different to Farrant and merits the same contempt intelligent observers heap on this malicious individual's falsehoods.

Kevin always viewed himself as being on the periphery largely because he was on the periphery. Following his disgraceful behaviour toward me and my wife he is not even on the periphery, having excommunicated himself in what is just one of a myriad of catastrophic choices he has made throughout his life. So be it.


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