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"I sense that victory was celebrated too soon. Rather like the BUF leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, declaring that Fascism was dead on the day the Second World War ended. The Beast has reawakened!"  Seán Manchester (from the novel Carmel, Gothic Press, 2000, page 97).

Had anyone asked me if I thought Kevin was an ideological Fascist or a National Socialist in the first three decades of my knowing him, I would have said definitely not, but if the same people were to have asked me the same question in the last handful of years, I would have been obliged to answer in the affirmative. He shared with many people a deep fascination with British Fascism and German National Socialism. This was obvious from the moment I first met him when he told of how he enjoyed listening to the old Nazi marching songs in beer cellars when he visited Berlin, and his enthusiastic collecting of such vintage anthems for his own personal enjoyment. Nobody thought much of it, but I believe he became drawn to me because I had met Sir Oswald and Lady Diana Mosley in the early 1960s and, like Kevin, found their incarceration without trial during the Second World War to be unjust. During my life I have met all sorts of people, including those on the far left such as Lord Fenner Brockway who personally supported some of my peace inituitives when I was the north London regional co-ordinator for CND.  I have also met the left-wing Viscount Stanhope (aka Tony Benn) and personally supported Viscount Weymouth (now the Marquis of Bath) when my support was solicited by him for his Wessex regionalist campaign. His father, of course, was an admirer of Adolf Hitler, as were a number of the aristocracy both before and after the Second World War, which back in the days I knew them did not create the outcry it would today. Most of my celebrity friends in show business and the music world hold what would have to be described as left wing ideals, but not all of them. I consider myself a friend and admirer of Brigitte Bardot for her animal welfare activism who holds far right wing views. My close friend Sylvaine Charlet (pictured below with me at the end of the 1970s) similarly holds certain views that most people would regard as far right. I was also a friend and supporter of the late Susannah York who held far left wing views. I do not judge people by their beliefs, opinions and ideas. It is how they behave and how true they are that matters most. 

If I appear to be attacking Kevin it is not because of any beliefs or opinions he holds. It is because of his behaviour, which includes bearing false witness against me and lying in the full knowledge that he is lying. His actions, therefore, are made a thousand times worse because he does not believe in his own rectitude. In that sense he is far worse than any Fascist who sincerely believes in what he is doing. Kevin and his wife Beverley know they are engaging in malicious and false actions. This I find most sad for there is no room to reason with such people. Had I known what I have come to know about them in recent years, I would obviously not have provided either of them with character references for employment. Neither are especially intelligent. Kevin Chesham is poorly educated and his employment at local government leisure establishments has not been anything to really become much concerned over, but the thought of Beverley Mason teaching children, much less being a head teacher, is enough to send a shudder down anyone's spine.

For the record, I have at no time owed allegiance to any political party. The only time I stood as a prospective candidate in the political process, which was at local government level, was on an independent platform on the single issue of preserving a woodland cemetery that formed part of the Great Northern London Cemetery. This did not involve party politics; though I was supported at the time by the then Ecology Party which later evolved into the Green Party, and various individuals of all political backgrounds. My other campaigning against nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, the arms trade and such wars as my country deemed fit to engage itself in  attracted people from all parts of the political spectrum and none. I have personally known people, even leaders, at both extremes of party politics and quite a few in the middle. All attempts to involve me in party politics in the past have utterly failed. I have absolutely no faith in the political system, a view held more now than ever before by many people, and suspect I would be found unacceptable to most parties making an approach as my allegiance is not to Caesar but to God. Moreover, I would not want to be found acceptable to those who are driven by power, greed and corruption as I believe are the majority of politicians. This has always been my position. We are probably all "political," however, in the sense that we hold opinions that make us so, but this is a far cry from belonging to a political party.

I was physically attacked by National Front thugs on Christmas Eve in 1981 whilst holding a "Fast for Peace" vigil at Finchley, London. Kevin would have folk believe I canvassed for the National Front. This is a falsehood fed to him by David Farrant who has been making that false and malicious allegation for the last decade. Anyone checking the record will find no evidence of me ever having supported or having belonged to the National Front whereas Farrant transferred his supposed support from his so-called Wicca Workers Party to the National Front when his attempt to stand as a WWP candidate was thwarted in the 1978 General Election due to his criminal record. Likewise, Kevin Chesham in recent years has shown support for the most extreme neo-Nazis imaginable, Kerry Bolton among them, and also claims to be a BNP member.

David Farrant wrote on his blog:

"I had to go out today (to do with the book in fact) and found a large hand-delivered envelope waiting for me upon my return.  It was from my friend Kev with a separate accompanying letter.  ... Anyway, his letter instructed me NOT to open the package until the 15th (tomorrow) and the only clue was 'Plenty more where that came from!' Well, I wouldn’t anyway, but I can’t help being very intrigued.  There appears to be some CD inside, so maybe – just maybe – it was those ‘secret emails’ and letters he said he had for me!  I really don’t know now; and even when I see the contents, does not necessarily mean it is a ‘Carte Blanche’ for their public release. But we will see. I will at least give you the conclusion tomorrow. That is a promise – no delays on this one!"

Farrant continued on his blog:

"Well, today is not my birthday but I certainly enjoyed opening Kev’s present!  The package contained essential research material dating back many years, including b/w and colour photographs, written correspondence and a selection of personal emails which had been copied onto disc for me. There was also a typed summary of some fairly recent ‘birthday speeches’, or more precisely, suggestions from the host on what should be ‘done about David Farrant’. He (the party host) hadn’t liked my disclosures about fake religious groups and other written material in my published books that debunked a serious belief in vampirism. ... I believe Kev will be returning to Spain later in August, but he will be coming over with Bev before that as they would like to meet a couple of other people." 

Familiar libel from David Farrant is repeated thoughout his monotonous commentary with the added bonus of him attributing the manufactured falsehoods we heard years ago to Kevin and Beverley. The couple were by now conspiring in Farrant's pathetic hate campaign against me and my wife. Regarding the nature of the attributed allegations, eg "far right" sentiments etc, there is a delicious irony where Farrant and his new freinds are concerned. Farrant nonetheless has a history of passing the buck and manipulating situations so that others carry the can for his misdeeds, and Kevin has played the coward from the first moment.

Farrant's blog immediately attracted a typically ill-considered comment from one of his flunkies by the name of Craig Adams who trotted out such pleasantries as "dirty old Hitler worshiping scum" which, of course, is exactly the response Farrant and his new friends were looking to achieve — his intention being to incite hatred against me and mine. He exercises his familiar stratagem of claiming something as fact merely because he puts it in writing on the internet as evinced in the following reference to Kevin near the end of the entry:

"That should set most of the record straight on its own merit, but it is always good to have evidence of the full inside story!"

It was not long before Farrant took to posting comments on his eldest son Jamie's blog with such ludicrous statements as: "The mysterious 'black magic Nazi room' is of course an open secret by now and has been witnessed by many many people." So where exactly are all these people who have witnessed a "black magic Nazi room" supposedly housed in my home? Militaria and memorabilia, of course, but that is something quite removed from a "black magic Nazi room." To make this claim is quite preposterous.

Above is David Farrant performing a black magic ritual with self-proclaimed Satanist John Pope, and to its right is a photograph of Farrant's black magic room. I publicly recorded many years ago Farrant's black magic and Nazi associations, but he has a curious way of attempting to mirror back his own behaviour onto those who warn against his depraved activties. If someone accuses him of being a fraud, for example, he will accuse them of being a fraud without addressing the original accusation. He simply turns around any accusation made about him and flings it back at his critic. This childish mentality stems from his phoney witchcraft boasts that landed him in jail in the 1970s. When his collaborating friend Pope was under investigation for sexual assault on a minor, Farrant promptly sent the arresting officers a black magic curse each with the threat that their actions would reverberate on them. Pope was found guilty of sexual assault, and Farrant received a two years' prison sentence for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

David Farrant often cultivated friends with neo-Nazi sympathies down the years (people like Kenneth Frewin who acted as his "bodyguard," John Russell Pope, Philippe Welte, Jean-Paul Bourre etc), and his association with the trappings of black magic and those heavily involved in it, of course, is what made him notorious in every form of media, not least the gutter press, and in the eyes of a public confronted by his sick craving for attention at any price — whether his claims were true or false, and they were patently bogus.

It is quite obvious that Farrant and his cronies have an axe to grind, and will say absolutely anything to further their agenda. It is, however, impossible at first glance to discover a rational explanation for Kevin and Beverley's behaviour other than they sought to become contaminated by Farrant's poisonous propaganda for reasons that defy all logic until we examine more closely Kevin's own shift to the dark side in the wake of his return from New Zealand in the 1990s by which time I had already known him for three decades. Past mutual acquaintances have suggested that the couple had probably been planning their treachery for some considerable time and were compromised when I did not react in the way they had anticipated. As far as Farrant and Bolton, in whom they showed immense interest, were concerned, I always advised the couple to ignore both these people. Kevin and Beverley obviously wanted a different reaction. One where I recommended violence against Farrant, or perhaps showed support for Bolton. It did not and would not manifest because I do not support violent action of any kind.   

David Farrant has a history of waging pointless vendettas, sending "black magic" curses to people, issuing satanic "death" threats, mailing menacing missives and goodness knows what else to people he decides to attempt to involve in his publicity-seeking shenanigans. Quite why I merit so much attention is impossible to guage until one factors in the demoniacal aspect about which I have already intimated. It is my personal assessment that, while Farrant is a fraudster who believes in nothing except his self-serving publicity, his theatrical adoption of the dark occult has opened him up to demonic interference, influence and possibly even possession via supernatural forces about which we know little and understand even less.

It might appear puzzling why Kevin and Beverley should want to join forces with such a degenerate until it is realised that Farrant has been an arch-enemy of mine for the best part of half a century. If they wanted to cause me harm out of spite, or because they were under instruction, Farrant would be perceived as an obvious choice. The pathetic nature of the man must have nevertheless come as something of a disappointment to Kevin who works for local council establishments, most recently Gloucester Park Stadium, and Beverley, an ex-teacher, who is involved in sport at Brentford. The last thing either of them need is the damaging repercussions that can result from open support for a  convicted felon who is also a publicity junkie — as well as a hate campaigner waging vendettas. Yet Kevin and Beverley have given Farrant carte blanche to publicly attribute anything he wants to his new friend in order to harm me.

When these machinations were first revealed by David Farrant around Christmas 2010, internet-users were led to believe that Kevin claimed to have been involved in the Highgate Vampire case and possessed a lot of "information" concerning it. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, as I have never discussed this case with him and, moreover, he has shown no interest whatsoever in it. Kevin would have been barely sixteen when the occurrences at Highgate Cemetery first became known to the wider public, and the principal contagion was all but successfully exorcised around the period when we first became acquainted. So that strategy failed even before it got off the ground. A different approach was therefore needed and invariably adopted. Bearing in mind Kevin's association over recent years with the former secretary of the New Zealand National Front,  Kerry Bolton, — an association I repeatedly warned him against, albeit such warnings falling on deaf ears — the most recently adopted stratagem certainly deserves further investigation.

Kevin Chesham was resident in New Zealand at the time Kerry Bolton was a prominent National Front executive. Furthermore, Bolton is founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path (renamed Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, then the Order of Deorc Fyre, and in the same year created the Black Order). Bolton was a former member of the Temple of Set (an offshoot of the Church of Satan) and was briefly secretary for the New Zealand Fascist Union. Kerry Bolton's Order was intended to be an activist front promoting an "occult-fascist axis." A masters thesis written about Kerry Bolton published by the Waikato University titled Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path; a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo-Nazi Synthesis was pulled from the library pending investigation after Kerry Bolton complained to the Vice-Chancellor. It dealt with the link between neo-Nazi and satanic beliefs in New Zealand. Professor Dov Bing, who supervised the thesis, called it a first-class piece of work. Coincidentally, self-proclaimed pseudo-occultist David Farrant founded the Order of the Black Moon in the 1970s and, as known by most with an interest in such things, transferred his support to the National Front when he was prevented by the authorities from standing as an independent Wicca Workers' Party candidate in the British General Election of 1978. The National Front was one of the "other political groups" he was talking about in his published letter to the editor of the Hornsey Journal, 21 July 1978.

Extract from Farrant's published letter in the Hornsey Journal.

This is the sort of hypocritical falsehood we have become familiar with down the years from David Farrant. Unsurprisingly, it has now been adopted by his new recruits in Basildon. Farrant attempted to stand at the 1978 General Election on an extremist platform under the Wicca Workers' Party banner. Its election cry was "Wiccans Awake!" which will sound familiar to anyone acquainted with Nazi slogans. He was thwarted because of his criminal past, but not before he had established his dubious political credentials which in part were identical to some on the far right. In the last handful of years, Kevin has followed in the footsteps of Farrant by using deception and lies to further his own sinister agenda against people whose hospitality and friendship he abused and betrayed. He is worse than Farrant because, unlike an enemy one might face to risk a sword in the chest, Kevin Chesham has stabbed his friends in the back.

Compare David Farrant's yellow W.W.P. poster slogan
with that of the white extremist poster on the right.

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