Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Allegations II

Kevin continues with his hypocritical rhetoric where he transposes himself onto me: "My introduction to his Third Reich shrine was really the last straw. ... This was hardcore." Yet, as seen on the previous page, he was happily posing alongside Third Reich militaria in 2003, four years before the occasion in December 2007 he is now whittling on about, and above we find him spending New Year 2004 in Berlin posing alongside a large photograph of Adolf Hitler in what looks far more like a shrine than any collection of WWI and WWII memorabilia I had in the past. In fact, Kevin's entire life has been spent posing with Third Reich items when not reading about Fascism or listening to Nazi marching songs. The only DVDs he ever gave me were about Hitler, prefaced with "I don't know if you'll be interested in something like this, but I have another copy and don't need this one." For years, when not buying such items online, he used a Fascist bookshop in Kent to obtain a lot of his. They would almost certainly have a record of his many purchases. When Kevin and Beverley moved address we would receive through the post from them a pre-war image of the leader of the British Union of Fascists at the top their notice. I wonder how many other people received the same change of address post-its? They did not seem remotely bothered about who knew of their 1930s mindset which, to put it mildly, is far more extreme than the British National Party!

He then remarkably states:  "A picture as they say speaks a thousand words." Indeed, like the image of Kevin Chesham giving a Fascist salute with a look of self-satisfaction etched across his smug face.

The absolute depths are plummeted when Kevin claims the following falsehood: "When Sean bragged to me about handing over personal details of David’s friends (who had no racial or political activities to their names at all) to the neo-nazi activist group Combat 18, I turned yet another blind eye, despite knowing that his desire was to utilise this group to intimidate them, or even possibly firebomb their homes."

It was, in fact, David Farrant who formed an association with Ian Keith Gomeche, administrator at the time of a Combat 18 website forum, to have the lives of my wife and I put in serious danger. Gomeche is of an almost identical age to Kevin and he collaborated with Kevin's friend and uploaded an image of me along with my private address, provided by Farrant, and a plethora of malicious fabrication designed to incite maximum hatred against me. The police were immediately contacted and e-mails on Gomeche's computer revealed an ongoing exchange of correspondence between the Combat 18 administrator and David Farrant. It would have gone to trial but for the fact that Ian Keith Gomeche of Banchory, Aberdeen, Scotland, had a long history of such behaviour and, after being taken into custody, was Sectioned under the British Mental Health Act.  His behaviour was deemed psychotic, triggered in the case of Gomeche's behaviour toward me solely by Farrant. An ally of Farrant who published antipathetic material on his website was a defrocked Roman Catholic priest heavily involved in masonry and occultism who was arrested brandishing a knife in a public place in Exeter, Devon. He was Sectioned in January 2004. This is a man Kevin first brought to my attention in the previous century before I owned a computer and told me to do something about. My wife and I received through the post from Kevin copious amounts of material printed out from this defrocked priest's website. It was antipathetic propaganda originating with David Farrant, the same man who a handful of years later conspired with Gomeche to disseminate calumny and to incite hatred against me on the internet for a period lasting in excess of a year. Gomeche needed no encouragement where harassment and hatred are involved, as countless other victims already knew to their cost. His attacks on innocent people via the internet finaly came to an end on 29 July 2005 when Ian Keith Gomeche was taken into custody. Held initially at HMP Craiginches, Aberdeen, for what is believed to be a breach of conditions relating to his appearance in court, this provided an opportunity for the Procurator Fiscal's office to make strategic determinations about how to proceed with a number of serious cases finally presented to them at the end of the first week of August 2005, supported by a mass of evidence gathered from the seizure of his computers. The complexity and size of the investigation that was mounted can be gauged by the fact that one case submitted is reported to have over 250,000 e-mails as supporting evidence!
This fortuitous custody was used to have Gomeche's mental state professionally examined in order to either finally give him the help and medication he clearly needs or alternatively to head off any possibility of him using his mental condition in any defence against these very serious charges if and when they proceed to trial. He was moved from prison to the Cornhill Psychiatric Hospital with a preliminanry diagnosis of "psychosis" with further reports diagnosing bi-polar affective disorder and schizophrenia. Section under the Mental Health Act was the preferred resolution which meant there was no final legal closure for those who have suffered Gomeche's criminal victimisation and harassment over many years. Yet it did ensure that he remained isolated and unable to harrass while undergoing treatment, something I had to accept as a valid alternative. Additionally, it has been explicitly confirmed by the investigating officers that should he be released in the future and re-offend, immediate action will be taken to bring him into custody without delay on first report received by the local police. This did guarantee some confidence at last among those who had suffered that they can finally go about their lawful business without this man's harassment and hatred.

Kevin  the self-proclaimed Buddhist  concludes: "I have to live with the results of my inaction." What he really has to live with is his catalogue of spiteful lies and malicious falsehood against people who tolerated his personal inadequacies and weaknesses. I quote the teaching of the Buddha from Numerical Discourses of the Buddha: An Anthology of Suttas from the Anguttara Nikaya (Translated & Edited by Nyanaponika Thera & Bhikkhu Bodhi):

"I do teach people to be inactive in regard to evil conduct in deeds, words and thoughts; I teach inaction in regard to the multitude of evil, unwholesome qualitites. But I also teach people to be active by way of good conduct in deeds, words and thoughts; I teach action in regard to the multitude of wholesome qualities. There is also a way in which one can rightly say that I am an annihilationist. For I teach the annihilation of greed, hatred and delusion; I teach the annihilation of the multitude of evil, unwholesome qualities. (VIII, 12; extract)."

Employing the most obscene form of gross hypocrisy, Beverley Mason adds: "Kev also hopes however that some readers may choose to make a donation to a charity of his choice, Unite Against Fascism or Sport Relief." I bet he does, whilst effectively inciting unprovoked and completely unjustified hatred against me from the aforementioned UAF who hitherto, of course, would be totally unaware of Kevin Chesham's BNP membership and hero-worship of the the pre-war British Union of Fascists and its leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, about whom he sent numerous people, myself included, biographical eulogies in print.

Below is correspondence written in August 1998 from Kevin to someone who had provided him with recordings of speeches made by the leader of the British Union of Fascists and also what most probably was recordings of Nazi marching music. Not content to address the sender as "comrade" in this context, Kevin signs off with words in German. The use of the word "Brother," employed all the time by Kevin in his correspondence to people, was common among Blackshirt members of the British Union of Fascists. Sir Oswald Mosley himself would invariably address his men as "My Brother Blackshirts ..."

When Kevin reproduced a picture of me on his hate-blog from a midsummer birthday celebration we provided for a friend in our retreat's garden, he was very careful to obscure the silver crucifix I always wear around my neck. The emblem on my cap is a St Mary Magdalene's Church badge, but he concentrated on my designer shirt which bore a Native American eagle. Below is another picture from the same occasion.

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