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Questions immediately arise in the wake of the stream of unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations made by Kevin Chesham and Beverley Mason in collusion with David Robert Donovan Farrant (whose name I give in full due to Kevin sometimes referring to him in correspondence to people as "Donovan") whose malicious propaganda they adopted and disseminated with clear intent to cause me and mine harm.

Why did Kevin wait three and a half decades before having "seen enough on this occasion – enough to make Bev and himself think very carefully about any future meetings, and indeed, what positive role Sean could ever play in their lives again"? Note, as always was the case, it is all about what they can extract from a situation and not what they bring to one. I am the same person I was when I was a teenager. My views, outlook, philosophy and beliefs have not fundamentally changed. I was in my thirtieth year when I first met Kevin and I was no different spiritually, emotionally and most every other way in 1973 to how I am now. Yet he claims that he could no longer abide who and what I am after his December 2007 visit, which was the last time we saw either of them. That notwithstanding, he was too cowardly to tell me in person. Certainly not to my face, and not even in the form of written correspondence or an e-mail. In fact, I did not learn of their betrayal of our friendship until Beverley Mason confirmed it after I already knew owing to David Farrant advertising it on his blog. Farrant must have thought all his Christmasses had arrived at once!

If Kevin was so disgusted about things in December 2007, why did he write supporting me and making threats against David Farrant in December 2009  two years after our last meeting? An extract from his letter to Keith Maclean appears above. More of the same letter can be found at "Allegations." Indeed, why was he writing admiringly about the leader of the British Union of Fascists back in August 1998, which is a decade before his "Fascist" accusations against me? This letter appears in its entirety at "Allegations II."

Why did Kevin enter into a relationship with the Kerry Bolton, pictured above, the founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path who had been a member of the Temple of Set (a breakaway group with neo-Nazi sentiments that split from the Church of Satan) who at the time was secretary of the New Zealand Fascist Union and in 2004 became the secretary of the New Zealand National Front?

Why did Kevin remain in correspondence with Kerry Bolton after he had returned to Great Britain in the latter half of the 1990s and ignore all my warnings about this man and his neo-Nazi-satanic ideology?

Why did Kevin and Beverley wear Christian crosses around their necks in 2006 and 2007? Kevin has stated all along that he is a Buddhist and has been for forty years. Beverley, while claiming to me in person to be a Christian, indeed a member of the Church of England, subsequent to our last meeting has stated to have been a Buddhist throughout all the time I have known her. What was the purpose of them wearing crosses other than to deceive and create a false image at a time when they had already turned to the dark side?

Why does Kevin describe me as being eccentric for having Christian statues? He states: "I must admit he does have a lot of statues. Again, as in the past, I put this down to eccentricity, and humoured the whole situation so as not to cause any direct offence." Is it really eccentric for a Christian bishop to have statues of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin, St Francis of Assisi and other saints at his retreat house? I am pictured above with two good friends, one of whom is Jewish (despite Kevin offensively referring to me as an "anti-semite" and "racist") in my home. A fellow priest and a friend of many years is pictured below. He is African. I have many close friends from all over the world. I love them for who they are and judge nobody by their race or creed. I would like to maintain the diversity we enjoy in God's garden and not lose any of it. Kevin also accuses me of being homophobic when he is probably the most homophobic individual I have known. Within weeks of first making Kevin's acquaintance he had verbally attacked and denigrated in front of his fellow workers a homosexual man also employed by the Borough of Barnet.  My position on all these controversial matters is no different to that of Pope Benedict XVI and most other Christian leaders.

Why does Kevin call me "eccentric" for having traditional Christian items when his favourite music fluctuates between Al Jolson and 1930s Fascist marching songs? Is it not eccentric of him to consume forty eggs and several chickens per day? Kevin completely identifies with a dark and dismal era before he was born. Is that not eccentric? He never wears any clothes other than track suits and trainers. He turned up at our wedding reception wearing trainers, track suit bottom and a T-shirt. Likewise, he wore a track suit at a funeral. He was similarly attired when he attended my episcopal consecration and other special occasions. He shows no respect or interest in acknowledging the nature of what is happening outside his own self-obsessed world.

Why did Kevin complain of being isolated when he always isolated himself? Kevin is one of the least gregarious people I have ever met in my life. Intimations of a difficult childhood might hold the key, but he has never shown any genuine interest in people other than those who share his fanaticism for sport, or fascination with the Third Reich. We were put on our guard after his return from New Zealand when he started to become pre-occupied with any future address we might have. He knew we were looking at properties in Glastonbury, but when his interest became so very obvious (it is all he and Beverley enquired about when they visited until their interest in Farrant re-emerged and started to eclipse the topic) we decided not to inform him of our plans and certainly not any acquisitions we might make. This, in turn, led to him withholding his own address which is currently in Wickhay, Basildon. This atmosphere of mutual suspicion and distrust grew as they fed us with nonsense we knew to be unsafe, and we tried to draw them out by showing no aversion to their increasingly extreme views. That Kevin was turned by Kerry Bolton seemed apparent, but it was never imagined for a single moment that either of them could be turned by Farrant. This was a betrayal of friendship that nobody had been able to predict, or indeed accept. Most of the epithets used by others to describe Kevin cannot be repeated here, but "hypocrite" and "liar" are apposite.

Why does Kevin want to be bigger than he really is? His quest has always been to inflate himself to something he is not. Only his ego outstrips the rest of him, and this shows on his face in photographs.
Kevin has accepted and repeated the worst of David Farrant's libel. He has taken what he knows to be true about me and inverted it. I oppose war and violence. I am against all forms of abuse, bulllying, stalking and harassment, and I reject bigotry and hatred in all its manifestations. Yet Kevin paints the opposite picture of me; one much more akin to a portrait of himself. It is a poor reflection on his intelligence if he imagines anyone will be taken in by his attempts save where they are of a similar mind and are themselves abusive.

Why does Kevin claim to be a pacifist? He says: "Despite my military career, I am in essence a pacifist, and do not condone violence, which I consider to be the hallmark of an uncivilised society." Yet within days of knowing him I recognised his propensity for violence. He nearly assaulted a person senior to him at Finchley Pool, and showed aggresion a lot of the time he worked there. When out running he would shout at strangers who were smoking cigarettes. I recall him potentially vandalising vehicles by running over the bonnets and roofs of cars parked down Merton Lane as we left Hampstead Heath on a run. He would bang on the roofs of cars who cut him up on the road when he was out cycling, and I was told of occasions where he threatened motor vehicle drivers with violence. What kind of pacifist takes employment as a night club bouncer where, by his own admission, he did unsavoury things about which he is now ashamed?

What was the self-proclaimed "pacifist Buddhist" and believer in "non-violence" doing owning several deadly weapons which he kept in security safes at his home prior to emigrating? Representing the modern pentathlon reserve team for the Army enabled Kevin to acquire a firearms certificate, but he owned rather more than the pistol used in his discipline. He told my wife and I that he had acquired automatic weapons which he kept at his home that were not covered by a normal firearms certificate. He indicated that these were illegal weapons, and obviously fall outside the remit for the target shooting of a modern pentathlete. Why did he need these automatic assault weapons? What was the purpose in him acquiring them? 

Why did Kevin inform my wife and I that he was in communication with German female who had worked in British Army Intelligence and was now offering to hack into anyone's computer for him, or find out other information he might want? We had the distinct impression that this was an intimidatory statement rather than him offering the service to us. He mentioned this German female on at least three occasions. We showed absolutely no interest and, like much of what Kevin claimed, took it with a very large pinch of salt. 

Why is Kevin standing alongside a large photograph of Adolf Hitler in this picture taken in Berlin in 2004?

How can Kevin Chesham possibly explain away what he is doing in the above picture? He is unquestionably giving a Fascist salute while wearing what looks like an English Defence League quasi-uniform? And he has the audacity to call other people Fascists! The truth is that politics were never discussed when he visited until it became apparent he had been infected by Bolton. Then everything was done to draw out of him the poison. Unfortunately, he had already read my novel Carmel by that point, in which I describe the Nazis in such a negative way that would have alerted him. He would also have probably become acquainted with From Satan To Christ after receiving and reading Farrant's hate-filled pamphlets maligning me. In these pamphlets my work is mentioned. This would have occurred soon after our last meeting. From Satan To Christ warns against the Nazi-occult connection. Kerry Bolton, of course, founded the Black Order (The Nexus being its newsletter) intended to be an activist front promoting an "occult-fascist axis" by mobilising political groups and youth culture elements such as industrial music. 

Why has Kevin attempted to project himself onto me while trying to adopt aspects of my character for himself? He describes my marriage in a way more appropriate to his own. He projects his love of Fascism onto me while offering himself to the public as some sort of peace loving Buddhist. Where is there any record of him participating in anything peaceful? Where is there any record of his spiritual endeavours? He told my guests that he is a member of the BNP. Now he is repeating David Farrant's false and totally unsubtsantiated accusations against me and adding to them his own toxic brew of falsehood. Yet I have been an organiser for CND and still remain a representative of Pax Christi. Far from canvassing for a far right organisation like the National Front, as claimed by Farrant and now Kevin, I have been physically attacked by people belonging to this group. A Combat 18 website administrator has also uploaded my image where I am in Christian sacerdotal vestments and incited violence against me at the behest of Kevin's new friend.

Where is the empirical evidence that Kevin Chesham is non-violent, peaceful and a Buddhist? There is none. The autocephalous jurisdiction where I hold primacy is called Ecclesia Apostolica Jesu Christi (Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ) also known as The Grail Church. Its doctrine and beliefs are on record in a book I wrote seventeen years ago with the same title. It promotes non-violence and peace from cover to cover.

Why would Kevin claim that I "despise Glastonbury" when it is my spiritual home? I love Glastonbury!

Why would Kevin claim that I told him "something must be done about David Farrant" when, as seen in the his correspondence, I was the one calming the situation and advising that Kevin ignore this man? Almost every letter Kevin wrote to me or our mutual friends contained expressions of enmity towards David Farrant as confirmed in the examples below:

Why did I tolerate what was going on right under my nose as Kevin grew more extreme in his ideology?

I had known Kevin a long time and once it was realised he had been contaminated by a neo-Nazi-satanic ideology I felt obliged to monitor his behaviour to try and find out what exactly was going on. He revealed less and less, and became uncommunicative, barely speaking to anyone on his last three visits. His orders were probably to bide his time and then attempt to discredit me whilst making an ally of my long-standing adversary who is believed by many, including in all probability Kerry Bolton, to be a Satanist. Beverley Mason attempted to find something when she snooped around our home with her spy camera, but failed because it does not exist. A collector of militaria is not the same as a Nazi. Some items had been received as gifts from Kevin while others were curios that held a certain novelty value, eg the eagle with my initials which had been given to me by an acquaintance. Booklets and press cuttings often came from Kevin.
Kevin became more and more isolated and has only managed to achieve the ultimate ignominy of being a mouthpiece for an ex-convict, a man Kevin has claimed to despise for as many years as I have known him. Now he is no different to Farrant and merits the same contempt intelligent observers heap on this malicious individual's falsehoods.

Kevin always viewed himself as being on the periphery largely because he was on the periphery. Following his disgraceful behaviour toward me and my wife he is not even on the periphery, having excommunicated himself in what is just one of a myriad of catastrophic choices he has made throughout his life. So be it.


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Allegations II

Kevin continues with his hypocritical rhetoric where he transposes himself onto me: "My introduction to his Third Reich shrine was really the last straw. ... This was hardcore." Yet, as seen on the previous page, he was happily posing alongside Third Reich militaria in 2003, four years before the occasion in December 2007 he is now whittling on about, and above we find him spending New Year 2004 in Berlin posing alongside a large photograph of Adolf Hitler in what looks far more like a shrine than any collection of WWI and WWII memorabilia I had in the past. In fact, Kevin's entire life has been spent posing with Third Reich items when not reading about Fascism or listening to Nazi marching songs. The only DVDs he ever gave me were about Hitler, prefaced with "I don't know if you'll be interested in something like this, but I have another copy and don't need this one." For years, when not buying such items online, he used a Fascist bookshop in Kent to obtain a lot of his. They would almost certainly have a record of his many purchases. When Kevin and Beverley moved address we would receive through the post from them a pre-war image of the leader of the British Union of Fascists at the top their notice. I wonder how many other people received the same change of address post-its? They did not seem remotely bothered about who knew of their 1930s mindset which, to put it mildly, is far more extreme than the British National Party!

He then remarkably states:  "A picture as they say speaks a thousand words." Indeed, like the image of Kevin Chesham giving a Fascist salute with a look of self-satisfaction etched across his smug face.

The absolute depths are plummeted when Kevin claims the following falsehood: "When Sean bragged to me about handing over personal details of David’s friends (who had no racial or political activities to their names at all) to the neo-nazi activist group Combat 18, I turned yet another blind eye, despite knowing that his desire was to utilise this group to intimidate them, or even possibly firebomb their homes."

It was, in fact, David Farrant who formed an association with Ian Keith Gomeche, administrator at the time of a Combat 18 website forum, to have the lives of my wife and I put in serious danger. Gomeche is of an almost identical age to Kevin and he collaborated with Kevin's friend and uploaded an image of me along with my private address, provided by Farrant, and a plethora of malicious fabrication designed to incite maximum hatred against me. The police were immediately contacted and e-mails on Gomeche's computer revealed an ongoing exchange of correspondence between the Combat 18 administrator and David Farrant. It would have gone to trial but for the fact that Ian Keith Gomeche of Banchory, Aberdeen, Scotland, had a long history of such behaviour and, after being taken into custody, was Sectioned under the British Mental Health Act.  His behaviour was deemed psychotic, triggered in the case of Gomeche's behaviour toward me solely by Farrant. An ally of Farrant who published antipathetic material on his website was a defrocked Roman Catholic priest heavily involved in masonry and occultism who was arrested brandishing a knife in a public place in Exeter, Devon. He was Sectioned in January 2004. This is a man Kevin first brought to my attention in the previous century before I owned a computer and told me to do something about. My wife and I received through the post from Kevin copious amounts of material printed out from this defrocked priest's website. It was antipathetic propaganda originating with David Farrant, the same man who a handful of years later conspired with Gomeche to disseminate calumny and to incite hatred against me on the internet for a period lasting in excess of a year. Gomeche needed no encouragement where harassment and hatred are involved, as countless other victims already knew to their cost. His attacks on innocent people via the internet finaly came to an end on 29 July 2005 when Ian Keith Gomeche was taken into custody. Held initially at HMP Craiginches, Aberdeen, for what is believed to be a breach of conditions relating to his appearance in court, this provided an opportunity for the Procurator Fiscal's office to make strategic determinations about how to proceed with a number of serious cases finally presented to them at the end of the first week of August 2005, supported by a mass of evidence gathered from the seizure of his computers. The complexity and size of the investigation that was mounted can be gauged by the fact that one case submitted is reported to have over 250,000 e-mails as supporting evidence!
This fortuitous custody was used to have Gomeche's mental state professionally examined in order to either finally give him the help and medication he clearly needs or alternatively to head off any possibility of him using his mental condition in any defence against these very serious charges if and when they proceed to trial. He was moved from prison to the Cornhill Psychiatric Hospital with a preliminanry diagnosis of "psychosis" with further reports diagnosing bi-polar affective disorder and schizophrenia. Section under the Mental Health Act was the preferred resolution which meant there was no final legal closure for those who have suffered Gomeche's criminal victimisation and harassment over many years. Yet it did ensure that he remained isolated and unable to harrass while undergoing treatment, something I had to accept as a valid alternative. Additionally, it has been explicitly confirmed by the investigating officers that should he be released in the future and re-offend, immediate action will be taken to bring him into custody without delay on first report received by the local police. This did guarantee some confidence at last among those who had suffered that they can finally go about their lawful business without this man's harassment and hatred.

Kevin  the self-proclaimed Buddhist  concludes: "I have to live with the results of my inaction." What he really has to live with is his catalogue of spiteful lies and malicious falsehood against people who tolerated his personal inadequacies and weaknesses. I quote the teaching of the Buddha from Numerical Discourses of the Buddha: An Anthology of Suttas from the Anguttara Nikaya (Translated & Edited by Nyanaponika Thera & Bhikkhu Bodhi):

"I do teach people to be inactive in regard to evil conduct in deeds, words and thoughts; I teach inaction in regard to the multitude of evil, unwholesome qualitites. But I also teach people to be active by way of good conduct in deeds, words and thoughts; I teach action in regard to the multitude of wholesome qualities. There is also a way in which one can rightly say that I am an annihilationist. For I teach the annihilation of greed, hatred and delusion; I teach the annihilation of the multitude of evil, unwholesome qualities. (VIII, 12; extract)."

Employing the most obscene form of gross hypocrisy, Beverley Mason adds: "Kev also hopes however that some readers may choose to make a donation to a charity of his choice, Unite Against Fascism or Sport Relief." I bet he does, whilst effectively inciting unprovoked and completely unjustified hatred against me from the aforementioned UAF who hitherto, of course, would be totally unaware of Kevin Chesham's BNP membership and hero-worship of the the pre-war British Union of Fascists and its leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, about whom he sent numerous people, myself included, biographical eulogies in print.

Below is correspondence written in August 1998 from Kevin to someone who had provided him with recordings of speeches made by the leader of the British Union of Fascists and also what most probably was recordings of Nazi marching music. Not content to address the sender as "comrade" in this context, Kevin signs off with words in German. The use of the word "Brother," employed all the time by Kevin in his correspondence to people, was common among Blackshirt members of the British Union of Fascists. Sir Oswald Mosley himself would invariably address his men as "My Brother Blackshirts ..."

When Kevin reproduced a picture of me on his hate-blog from a midsummer birthday celebration we provided for a friend in our retreat's garden, he was very careful to obscure the silver crucifix I always wear around my neck. The emblem on my cap is a St Mary Magdalene's Church badge, but he concentrated on my designer shirt which bore a Native American eagle. Below is another picture from the same occasion.


Allegations ghost-written by Beverley Mason (aka "Raggety") with Kevin Chesham's full approval and collaboration, begin: "A cursory glance at the ‘About Kev’ section of this blog  reveals that Kev has led quite an extraordinary life." Is that really true? The Oxford Dictionary defines "extraordinary" as meaning "very unusual or remarkable." Has Kevin's life been very unusual or remarkable? Compared with others, I would say not. In one sense, of course, everyone's life is remarkable, but that is not what is meant when the term is attributed to an individual who worked most of his life for local borough pool establishments and leisure complexes when not running, cycling or swimming for his own pleasure. The only aspect I find truly extraordinary is Kevin's capacity to bear false witness against someone he has known, on and off, for a great many years whom he allowed to play host to him and his wife before colluding in a  hate campaign with that person's absolute worst enemy. This, I confess, I and others find most extraordinary.

Next we are told: "Kev offers up to the reader an unselfconscious portrait of not only his physical, but his spiritual development as he looks back over the trials and tribulations which made him who he is today." I feel we have touched on his physical accomplishments enough, ie how he seemingly miraculously ballooned into a hulk eating forty eggs and half a dozen chickens per day from what was previously a slight figure, and reverted back again to being the runt of the litter. But what is this about his "spiritual development"? He has called himself a Buddhist for as long as I have known him. Calling yourself a Buddhist and being a Buddhist, however, are two different things. In my experience, Kevin knows next to nothing about Buddhism, does not practice its philosophy, which advocates spiritual contemplation for the attainment of perfect peace, and has never been known to meditate. The Buddha discouraged his followers from indulging in disputation for its own sake, which is fruitless. What is Kevin engaing in now but a fruitless disputation? How does his transformation into someone who turned on his friends to attempt to place them in danger equate with karmic law? He could be a masochist, of course, but this is not Buddhism. It has been suggested by at least two people who have known him that he is a masochist, and that this flawed side of his character explains why he likes to turn people against him, eg I don't know of a single person with whom we were mutually acquainted in the 1970s who now wants anything to do with him.

We then read: "He decided that he would like to preview one of the most perplexing situations that he felt should be put into print. It describes the formation and dissolution of a friendship of nearly 40 years, and how Kev came to the conclusion that his ultimate loyalty must needs be to his own conscience – despite the attempts of others to silence him." The friendship, such as it was, had lasted thirty-three years when Kevin behaved in an obviously unacceptable manner. We were wary of his suspicious behaviour from that point onward. Three years later he was found to be openly consorting with David Farrant which sinister collaboration eventually led to him trying to cause as much damage as possible and put my wife and I in personal danger. Yet the only person he has really harmed is himself. Quite what attempts have been made to "silence" Kevin are not known or identified. This simply did not happen.

From this point the allegations made by Kevin via his wife become even more preposterous and sinister. To go through each and every one of them would be tedious in the extreme, but, contrary to their claims, I did not go back to an employment which belonged not to me but to a mutual acquaintance called Tony Hill; I was not "sacked" from anywhere; I was not told by police to desist from taking photographs in Holloway Road, and Kevin did not find me employment at Hornsey Road swimming pool. These and the increasingly absurd claims that follow are an absolute tissue of lies which Kevin and Beverley no doubt find humurous to share with others, but more reflect their own undeveloped minds and unspiritual state. When we read Kevin quoted as saying "If I was not training hard enough he used to shout 'Schnell, schnell ...dummkopfen English, eggs and bacon Englishman,' and when he really got angry...'You vill be shot at dawn'," we start to see Farrant's hand in these asinine allegations. What Kevin has overlooked is that others were on the running team and they saw and heard nothing vaguely similar to what is being attributed to me. What I find truly extraordinary is that anyone would take any of this nonsense seriously. Needless to say, I was not the team coach, as also claimed, and was taking part as a personal quest to keep fit. There was no coach.

Things start to get really nasty with Kevin quoted as saying: "I was later to learn that in the late 1960s Sean had canvassed for the National Front although he did not disclose this to me at the time." Left out of the allegation is that Kevin was told this piece of garbage by David Farrant who has repeated the unsubstantiated lie many times without offering a single shred of evidence. Anyone belonging to such an organisation would appear on its membership list. I do not despite Farrant falsely claiming otherwise.

The letter, below, attacking the National Front appeared in a newspaper in the late 1960s. I was its author.

I have always opposed bigotry and ultra-nationalism such as evinced by those who hate other races for no other reason than they belong to that race. Not every single person in such a party is necessarily a racial bigot, but many are, which I personally find unaccepatble. I love people of all races and enjoy the diversity of mankind. I also want to preserve and protect my own culture and heritage, not least its Faith. If that makes me vaguely nationalistic, so be it. Farrant, curiously enough, stood on a "Wiccans Awake!" platform as a "Wicca Workers Party" candidate in the 1978 General Election, but was thwarted by the fact he has criminal convictions and served a term of imprisonment, having been sentenced to four years and eight months. He transferred his support to the National Front with whom he had previously been in communication. Farrant's friend and collaborator was John Pope (pictured below, right). Pope's uncle, Tony Binding, was a prospective parliamentary candidate for the BNP. Pope wrote articles for the National Front.

It should also be remembered that Kevin and Beverley claimed to me, my wife and other guests that they are members of the BNP. Their views were hardly a secret. Hence when mutual friends toasted absent friends at reunion dinners that did not include the couple they would mockingly raise their arm, not their glass, in a Fascist salute before bursting out with laughter. Kevin was held in such low esteem by everyone toward the end. He became, much the same as Farrant, something of a pathetic joke by those who personally knew him. In the meantime, Kevin Chesham is not averse to giving a Fascist salute for real.

The claim that Kevin "eventually agreed to become executor of Sean’s Will" beggars belief. A more unlikely candidate is difficult to imagine. He most definitely was not the executor of my Last Will and Testament. Neither was he my "best man," as also claimed. He did not even attend our wedding ceremony. That notwithstanding, far from being executor to my Will, Kevin bequeathed his entire estate to our Church:

Having become David Farrant's parrot, it was no surprise to read: "Sean’s church only seemed to consist of himself, his wife, and no more than three or four friends (including myself, apparently, who he began referring to inexplicably as Br Kevin). There were no priests, no congregation, there was no church building, and I certainly have never heard Sean refer to having more than one property." Kevin is not a Christian, and neither is his wife. When friends spoke about Christianity to him, as did Keith Maclean on more than one occasion because of the New Age occultism Kevin indulged in, he and Beverley became openly hostile and left early. On one occasion they moved their chairs into the garden, taking leave of everyone remaining in the sun lounge where coffee was being served. Then they departed prematurely. I have never discussed with Kevin or his wife anything about our Church, its congregation, or any properties associated with it. Due to the abnormal level of perpetual interest shown by Kevin and Beverley toward our future whereabouts since their return from New Zealand, we have been extremely circumspect in what we have shared and informed them about. They knew about our viewing properties in Glastonbury, but they were not given an address. I have called most of my friends "brother" or "sister" for as long as I can remember, as is common among Christians whether the person being addressed is Christian or not, and Kevin did the same from 1973. His correspondence to people generally used this title and he invariably always signed off as "Brother Kevin" for reasons best known to himself.

Kevin is next quoted as saying: "He was certainly irritable, and I remember him saying that he could not wait to get out of the place, as he despised Glastonbury, and considered it to be overrun with ‘quasi-religious fakes’. The irony was lost on me at the time – it is not now.  His only concern was to get the photos taken ‘for the record’, and get back to Bournemouth as soon as possible – in fact he ruined what could have been a pleasant day out." It would have been difficult to "get back to Bournemouth" because the only only occasion we visited Glastonbury with Kevin was in June 1993 and at that time we were living on the outskirts of north London, approximately one hundred and twenty miles from Bournemouth! As my wife and I noted, Kevin was incredibly irritable throughout the visit and wanted to leave early when we suggested taking him to the High Street where St John's Church is situated. It was perfectly obvious to us that Kevin hated the place, which in view of what we now know does not surprise me. Though we rightly or wrongly attributed his extreme irritability to steroid use for body-building purposes, upon reflection it might be the fact that Glastonbury is the most sacred and spiritual place in all of Britain.

Things take on an element of pure farce when Kevin alleges: "Sean’s enmity towards David had been known to me for some time – actually it was impossible not to be aware of it. When David’s name came up in conversation (which it frequently did – often encouraged by ‘Eggmanne’) he would thump the table with his fist, and shout that Farrant was a Satanist, an ex-felon, and various expletives not fit for publication. When he flew into these rages, everyone knew better than to challenge or interrupt him, including his wife, who was obviously mortified by these outbursts in front of guests and just seemed to want a quiet life." I am described as a Hitler stereotype, thumping the table with my fist, by Kevin who employs David Farrant's odd spelling for the pseudonym "Eggman" given Tony Hill in the 1960s, ie "Eggmanne." It cannot be disputed that Farrant is "an ex-felon" or that he cultivated an image in the 1970s where he wanted people to believe he was a Satanist. In a recorded interview from 1977, he can be heard saying that "most people" would view him as "a Satanist." I believe that all David Farrant's pretensions of witchcraft, wicca, necromancy and diabolism are bogus and that the only genuine aspect is that from the very first he was and still remains a self-aggrandising publicity-seeker. That is not to say that his theatrical dabblings in things he does not understand or believe in have not opened him to spiritual contamination and degradation.

Far from being "mortified" by anything concerning Farrant, whom I advise people to ignore unless they feel threatened, my wife, among others, swore out a police complaint against this man in 2002 under the Protection from Harassment Act. The irony in all this is that nobody I know has ever displayed more enmity and interest in David Farrant than has Kevin Chesham who wanted to talk about him at every opportunity. In this endeavour he was found to be increasingly unsuccessful. Even Beverley Mason in latter years tried to get my wife alone to quiz her about this unsavoury character. My wife merely referred Beverley to me, but she knew better than to ask me because I am really not interested in discussing Farrant with anyone. It was Kevin who was always bringing malicious material on the internet to our attention; material which originated with Farrant or a miscreant doing his dirty work. Now Kevin has become one of those miscreants himself.

Kevin's fabrications become yet more absurd, as he claims: "I am in essence a pacifist, and do not condone violence, which I consider to be the hallmark of an uncivilised society, unless absolutely necessary. ... Sean knew that I was a First Dan in karate, and during his ravings about David would regularly stress the importance of ‘loyalty to the cause,’ and that ‘something must be done about him’. I felt extremely uncomfortable about what unequivocally equated to a tacit suggestion that I cause David actual, if not grievous bodily harm." Against this raving nonsense we must examine what Kevin, who used to be a night club bouncer and about as far removed from being a  "pacifist" as anyone can get, wrote to Keith Maclean two years after the last time I or any of our mutual acquaintances saw him:

"Do you remember David Farrant had found my address from the excommunicated Illtyd Thomas? At the time I was concerned as dear Sean and his wife had suffered years of abuse from him. Well, I started to receive self-produced booklets from this person. The first was on its own without anything accompanying it. It was a book of lies about Sean who has suffered the slings and arrows of this man for so long. But why send it to me? He has been sending me things for months while I have been abroad. Then I started to receive emails from the 'British Psychic and Occult Society' which turns out to be David Farrant again. Polite, not abusive, asking me if I would like to join. Can you believe this Keith? He has the utter cheek to email a stranger to ask me to join! The connection with Sean has made me a target. I did not get concerned as Sean and his wife have endured this for so long themselves. I replied to Farrant's email in polite and non-abusive terms that I was interested to know why the 'BPOS' thought I would consider joining? No reply was forthcoming. Then another envelope arrived from North London but with the SW14 postmark on it. It contained another booklet called 'Bishop Bonkers,' a crude attempt to attack Sean again. Plus I was receiving more emails. I asked via email how he had found my email address but again no reply was forthcoming. Now I was angry. It was my intention to teach this bunch a severe lesson. They had attacked Sean once too often. It was not me I was concerned about but to track down me, my address, my email, just to attack Sean - something was going to be done. I emailed Sean and he pointed out no contact would always be best. I have emailed Sean to assure him I will no longer reply to anything from this bunch or, more accurately, from Farrant. I received several emails (still getting them). One invited me to a 'meeting' at a library in North London. It was my plan to go, but now I admit to you with a red face and somewhat humble that I intended to go and if just one word of ill was spoken about Sean I fully intended to knock so much sense into their heads I would have been arrested. This I now know Sean sensed and was correct of course to warn me not to have contact. I feel grateful because the last thing I would want would be to cause Sean trouble. Also it is not to my credit that this was my intention. My only defence is I hoped that my actions would stop the terrible attacks on Sean. All thanks to him for his intervention."

Here are the relevant passages from the actual letter of 14 December 2009 in Kevin's own handwriting:

"I do remember," claims Kevin on his hate blog, "that often, just when the conversation was being diverted away, he would find some reason to slip in one of his favourite Goebbels quotes; that is: 'If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it'."

Far from it being a "favourite quote" of mine, it was actually a quote used by Kevin Chesham in correspodence to Keith Maclean:

One of the most astonishing tirades with David Farrant's fingerprints all over it, aptly following on from what had been written to Keith, is the stream of malicious fabrication from Kevin Chesham that alleges:

"I remember one occasion when Sean laughingly waved a piece of paper at me, which he kept beside the computer in the front room. He boasted about the list of aliases inscribed upon it, and how he used them regularly in a form of cyber warfare, in that, as he described it, he would search the internet for any forum which mentioned himself, David Farrant, or the Highgate Vampire. His modus operandi as he described it was to create an argument, then argue against it under up to 4 or 5  aliases until the conversation got so heated that the forum was closed down. He bragged that he had had ‘many successes’, especially when he used the ‘incitement to religious hatred card’ as he laughingly referred to it. Sean’s justification for complaining to all internet forums where David Farrant’s opinions about the supposed ‘Highgate Vampire’ were freely admitted, was framed in the words of Adolf Hitler: ‘As soon as by one's own propaganda even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause for doubting one's own right is laid.’  I remember this was another favourite quote of his. I found all this astonishing, especially as I am someone who lives an outdoors, physically active life, and could not imagine the extremity of mental disturbance that would lead him to behave in such a way. My perplexity and concern that all was not well was exacerbated when my wife told me, on our way home one day, that Sarah had confided in her that Sean spent so many hours stalking people on the internet that he had ceased taking his meals with her some years ago, preferring to take them alone at the computer."

Not a single word of the above paragraph is true. I do not have a computer in a front room. Kevin and Beverley seem to forget that there were always other people present who are witness to the fact that these claims are completely false. The computer occasionally used by my wife and I at our retreat is in the study on the first floor. No conversation took place between me and Kevin, or between my wife and Beverley, as described. These are vile falsehoods, and the fact that they are willing to use my wife in this way to further their perverse vendetta is despicable. Given that they were making secret recordings of conversations of my wife and I on at least the last two visits (and possibly on more occasions) it should not be too difficult for them to establish their claim. Yet they will not be able to do so because they are lying. My wife and I invariably eat all our meals together, and never in a study. I do not stalk people, but have been stalked by that clique who cling to a man who was jailed for making black magic threats, vandalism and desecration, a man, moreover, against whom my wife and I, along with others, have filed official police complaints. As for the Hitler quote, I was not even aware of it until I read it in Kevin's personal attack on me. He is clearly very familiar with quotes attributed to Hitler and Goebbels, which makes sense in view of his association in recent times with the neo-Nazi-Satanist Kerry Bolton on whose instructions I suspect he initially turned against me. Farrant lacks the intelligence of someone like Bolton, but morally and intellectually matches Kevin and, coupled with their obvious craving for public recognition of some sort, find in each other strange bedfellows fighting a common cause, ie pursuing a hate campaign with malice aforethought to cause harm to me specifically and anyone close to me. Reading Kevin Chesham's string of untruths about me is no different to anything David Farrant has to say, and I can see that much of it is spoon-fed by Farrant to Kevin who developed a taste for poison soon after his discovery of Kerry Bolton.

Kevin at this point launches into what he believes to be his coup de grâce:

"I think in retrospect, the climax came in 2007, when Bev and I were again visiting Sean for Christmas dinner. It was on this occasion that I gleaned something of the exact nature of ‘the cause’ with which Sean so frequently peppered his rhetoric. Many photographs were taken of everyone present around the dinner table downstairs. But I was rather surprised when Sean later invited Bev and myself, accompanied by Sarah, to visit a locked room upstairs. I had heard mention of this ‘secret room’ in the past, but this was the first time I was to see it in person."

No room is locked, which is why Beverley was able to sneak upstairs on the pretext of using the lavatory (when she could have used the downstairs one) to take clandestine photographs of her own. Did she find any room locked? No, of course not. Also, the room about which Kevin speaks that contained militaria from the first and second world wars is one he had entered many times prior, as witnessed by others present. And if he had "heard mention" of a locked, secret room in the past, who did he hear it from? He does not and cannot identify his "source" because it simply does not exist. There never has been a locked, secret room.

Kevin rounds off his false allegations with the following:

"Sean  instructed Sarah to start taking photographs of him and myself together, with his nazi paraphernalia in the background.  I was caught off guard and played along, but I caught Bev’s eye – and my wife is no dupe, although I am afraid that even then it was only just dawning on me that that is exactly how my friend of several decades clearly saw me. Bev immediately took out her own camera and started snapping away. The glances between Sean and Sarah at this point really said it all – the whole situation had been staged by them."

Kevin's sheer paranoia overlooks the fact that photographs were also taken in the reception room, dining area and other rooms. There was nothing special about the room containing militaria other than it was always of interest to Kevin who had contributed some of the items contained within it, chiefly books and pamphlets about the Third Reich and the British Union of Fascists. We had absolutely no problem with Beverley taking photographs. This was something she did in some of the other rooms, which makes it all the more bizarre that she would secretly take pictures on her own on the pretext of using the lavatory. She obviously thought she would find something that would be of use to Kerry Bolton, eg evidence that I was working undercover etc, but there was nothing for her to find because all I was doing was displaying items I was trading and had no interest in any of their political shenanigans. It is they who told us they belonged to the British National Party, not the other way around. If I did not want to be photographed alongside Kevin in a room containing ceremonial WWII swords and such like I would have moved away, or I would have asked Beverley not to take any pictures. But I did not mind in the slightest. That she furtively took photographs of curios and even certain items given me by Kevin betrays a maladjusted mind. And if Kevin was so shocked by what he describes as "Nazi paraphernalia" witnessed in December 2007, why was he not similarly shocked on all the previous occasions when he posed and puffed his chest out with pride alongside German Third Reich eagles, Wehrmacht belts with buckles, and Luftwaffe ceremonial daggers and swords? The picture of him below with those very items was taken in 2003  over four years before his final visit at the end of 2007 when he supposedly discovered a "secret room" full of "Nazi paraphernalia." Kevin Chesham's claims are disingenuous from start to finish. They reflect a disturbed and deceitful mind, and I obviously regret the day I ever met him. The same goes for Beverley Mason whom I believe to be the driving force and malificent intelligence behind her husband's  hostile impulse and deep-seated desire to inflict serious harm on people who have only shown each of them kindness and consideration.

Ironically, Beverley Mason once wrote: "Seán Manchester is someone I have been acquainted with for some years. He possesses an inner serenity which has a soothing effect on all around him, as well as a deep passion for the ideals he holds close. He has a drive which governs his actions, and it is a drive for the forces of good over evil. He also has a sincere purity of heart." What happened to lure them to support the forces of evil remain speculative for the most part, but the fact that they were lured and did succumb is clear.

[Kevin Chesham's false allegations continue to be addressed on the next blog . . .]

Saturday, 3 March 2012


"I sense that victory was celebrated too soon. Rather like the BUF leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, declaring that Fascism was dead on the day the Second World War ended. The Beast has reawakened!"  Seán Manchester (from the novel Carmel, Gothic Press, 2000, page 97).

Had anyone asked me if I thought Kevin was an ideological Fascist or a National Socialist in the first three decades of my knowing him, I would have said definitely not, but if the same people were to have asked me the same question in the last handful of years, I would have been obliged to answer in the affirmative. He shared with many people a deep fascination with British Fascism and German National Socialism. This was obvious from the moment I first met him when he told of how he enjoyed listening to the old Nazi marching songs in beer cellars when he visited Berlin, and his enthusiastic collecting of such vintage anthems for his own personal enjoyment. Nobody thought much of it, but I believe he became drawn to me because I had met Sir Oswald and Lady Diana Mosley in the early 1960s and, like Kevin, found their incarceration without trial during the Second World War to be unjust. During my life I have met all sorts of people, including those on the far left such as Lord Fenner Brockway who personally supported some of my peace inituitives when I was the north London regional co-ordinator for CND.  I have also met the left-wing Viscount Stanhope (aka Tony Benn) and personally supported Viscount Weymouth (now the Marquis of Bath) when my support was solicited by him for his Wessex regionalist campaign. His father, of course, was an admirer of Adolf Hitler, as were a number of the aristocracy both before and after the Second World War, which back in the days I knew them did not create the outcry it would today. Most of my celebrity friends in show business and the music world hold what would have to be described as left wing ideals, but not all of them. I consider myself a friend and admirer of Brigitte Bardot for her animal welfare activism who holds far right wing views. My close friend Sylvaine Charlet (pictured below with me at the end of the 1970s) similarly holds certain views that most people would regard as far right. I was also a friend and supporter of the late Susannah York who held far left wing views. I do not judge people by their beliefs, opinions and ideas. It is how they behave and how true they are that matters most. 

If I appear to be attacking Kevin it is not because of any beliefs or opinions he holds. It is because of his behaviour, which includes bearing false witness against me and lying in the full knowledge that he is lying. His actions, therefore, are made a thousand times worse because he does not believe in his own rectitude. In that sense he is far worse than any Fascist who sincerely believes in what he is doing. Kevin and his wife Beverley know they are engaging in malicious and false actions. This I find most sad for there is no room to reason with such people. Had I known what I have come to know about them in recent years, I would obviously not have provided either of them with character references for employment. Neither are especially intelligent. Kevin Chesham is poorly educated and his employment at local government leisure establishments has not been anything to really become much concerned over, but the thought of Beverley Mason teaching children, much less being a head teacher, is enough to send a shudder down anyone's spine.

For the record, I have at no time owed allegiance to any political party. The only time I stood as a prospective candidate in the political process, which was at local government level, was on an independent platform on the single issue of preserving a woodland cemetery that formed part of the Great Northern London Cemetery. This did not involve party politics; though I was supported at the time by the then Ecology Party which later evolved into the Green Party, and various individuals of all political backgrounds. My other campaigning against nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, the arms trade and such wars as my country deemed fit to engage itself in  attracted people from all parts of the political spectrum and none. I have personally known people, even leaders, at both extremes of party politics and quite a few in the middle. All attempts to involve me in party politics in the past have utterly failed. I have absolutely no faith in the political system, a view held more now than ever before by many people, and suspect I would be found unacceptable to most parties making an approach as my allegiance is not to Caesar but to God. Moreover, I would not want to be found acceptable to those who are driven by power, greed and corruption as I believe are the majority of politicians. This has always been my position. We are probably all "political," however, in the sense that we hold opinions that make us so, but this is a far cry from belonging to a political party.

I was physically attacked by National Front thugs on Christmas Eve in 1981 whilst holding a "Fast for Peace" vigil at Finchley, London. Kevin would have folk believe I canvassed for the National Front. This is a falsehood fed to him by David Farrant who has been making that false and malicious allegation for the last decade. Anyone checking the record will find no evidence of me ever having supported or having belonged to the National Front whereas Farrant transferred his supposed support from his so-called Wicca Workers Party to the National Front when his attempt to stand as a WWP candidate was thwarted in the 1978 General Election due to his criminal record. Likewise, Kevin Chesham in recent years has shown support for the most extreme neo-Nazis imaginable, Kerry Bolton among them, and also claims to be a BNP member.

David Farrant wrote on his blog:

"I had to go out today (to do with the book in fact) and found a large hand-delivered envelope waiting for me upon my return.  It was from my friend Kev with a separate accompanying letter.  ... Anyway, his letter instructed me NOT to open the package until the 15th (tomorrow) and the only clue was 'Plenty more where that came from!' Well, I wouldn’t anyway, but I can’t help being very intrigued.  There appears to be some CD inside, so maybe – just maybe – it was those ‘secret emails’ and letters he said he had for me!  I really don’t know now; and even when I see the contents, does not necessarily mean it is a ‘Carte Blanche’ for their public release. But we will see. I will at least give you the conclusion tomorrow. That is a promise – no delays on this one!"

Farrant continued on his blog:

"Well, today is not my birthday but I certainly enjoyed opening Kev’s present!  The package contained essential research material dating back many years, including b/w and colour photographs, written correspondence and a selection of personal emails which had been copied onto disc for me. There was also a typed summary of some fairly recent ‘birthday speeches’, or more precisely, suggestions from the host on what should be ‘done about David Farrant’. He (the party host) hadn’t liked my disclosures about fake religious groups and other written material in my published books that debunked a serious belief in vampirism. ... I believe Kev will be returning to Spain later in August, but he will be coming over with Bev before that as they would like to meet a couple of other people." 

Familiar libel from David Farrant is repeated thoughout his monotonous commentary with the added bonus of him attributing the manufactured falsehoods we heard years ago to Kevin and Beverley. The couple were by now conspiring in Farrant's pathetic hate campaign against me and my wife. Regarding the nature of the attributed allegations, eg "far right" sentiments etc, there is a delicious irony where Farrant and his new freinds are concerned. Farrant nonetheless has a history of passing the buck and manipulating situations so that others carry the can for his misdeeds, and Kevin has played the coward from the first moment.

Farrant's blog immediately attracted a typically ill-considered comment from one of his flunkies by the name of Craig Adams who trotted out such pleasantries as "dirty old Hitler worshiping scum" which, of course, is exactly the response Farrant and his new friends were looking to achieve — his intention being to incite hatred against me and mine. He exercises his familiar stratagem of claiming something as fact merely because he puts it in writing on the internet as evinced in the following reference to Kevin near the end of the entry:

"That should set most of the record straight on its own merit, but it is always good to have evidence of the full inside story!"

It was not long before Farrant took to posting comments on his eldest son Jamie's blog with such ludicrous statements as: "The mysterious 'black magic Nazi room' is of course an open secret by now and has been witnessed by many many people." So where exactly are all these people who have witnessed a "black magic Nazi room" supposedly housed in my home? Militaria and memorabilia, of course, but that is something quite removed from a "black magic Nazi room." To make this claim is quite preposterous.

Above is David Farrant performing a black magic ritual with self-proclaimed Satanist John Pope, and to its right is a photograph of Farrant's black magic room. I publicly recorded many years ago Farrant's black magic and Nazi associations, but he has a curious way of attempting to mirror back his own behaviour onto those who warn against his depraved activties. If someone accuses him of being a fraud, for example, he will accuse them of being a fraud without addressing the original accusation. He simply turns around any accusation made about him and flings it back at his critic. This childish mentality stems from his phoney witchcraft boasts that landed him in jail in the 1970s. When his collaborating friend Pope was under investigation for sexual assault on a minor, Farrant promptly sent the arresting officers a black magic curse each with the threat that their actions would reverberate on them. Pope was found guilty of sexual assault, and Farrant received a two years' prison sentence for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

David Farrant often cultivated friends with neo-Nazi sympathies down the years (people like Kenneth Frewin who acted as his "bodyguard," John Russell Pope, Philippe Welte, Jean-Paul Bourre etc), and his association with the trappings of black magic and those heavily involved in it, of course, is what made him notorious in every form of media, not least the gutter press, and in the eyes of a public confronted by his sick craving for attention at any price — whether his claims were true or false, and they were patently bogus.

It is quite obvious that Farrant and his cronies have an axe to grind, and will say absolutely anything to further their agenda. It is, however, impossible at first glance to discover a rational explanation for Kevin and Beverley's behaviour other than they sought to become contaminated by Farrant's poisonous propaganda for reasons that defy all logic until we examine more closely Kevin's own shift to the dark side in the wake of his return from New Zealand in the 1990s by which time I had already known him for three decades. Past mutual acquaintances have suggested that the couple had probably been planning their treachery for some considerable time and were compromised when I did not react in the way they had anticipated. As far as Farrant and Bolton, in whom they showed immense interest, were concerned, I always advised the couple to ignore both these people. Kevin and Beverley obviously wanted a different reaction. One where I recommended violence against Farrant, or perhaps showed support for Bolton. It did not and would not manifest because I do not support violent action of any kind.   

David Farrant has a history of waging pointless vendettas, sending "black magic" curses to people, issuing satanic "death" threats, mailing menacing missives and goodness knows what else to people he decides to attempt to involve in his publicity-seeking shenanigans. Quite why I merit so much attention is impossible to guage until one factors in the demoniacal aspect about which I have already intimated. It is my personal assessment that, while Farrant is a fraudster who believes in nothing except his self-serving publicity, his theatrical adoption of the dark occult has opened him up to demonic interference, influence and possibly even possession via supernatural forces about which we know little and understand even less.

It might appear puzzling why Kevin and Beverley should want to join forces with such a degenerate until it is realised that Farrant has been an arch-enemy of mine for the best part of half a century. If they wanted to cause me harm out of spite, or because they were under instruction, Farrant would be perceived as an obvious choice. The pathetic nature of the man must have nevertheless come as something of a disappointment to Kevin who works for local council establishments, most recently Gloucester Park Stadium, and Beverley, an ex-teacher, who is involved in sport at Brentford. The last thing either of them need is the damaging repercussions that can result from open support for a  convicted felon who is also a publicity junkie — as well as a hate campaigner waging vendettas. Yet Kevin and Beverley have given Farrant carte blanche to publicly attribute anything he wants to his new friend in order to harm me.

When these machinations were first revealed by David Farrant around Christmas 2010, internet-users were led to believe that Kevin claimed to have been involved in the Highgate Vampire case and possessed a lot of "information" concerning it. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, as I have never discussed this case with him and, moreover, he has shown no interest whatsoever in it. Kevin would have been barely sixteen when the occurrences at Highgate Cemetery first became known to the wider public, and the principal contagion was all but successfully exorcised around the period when we first became acquainted. So that strategy failed even before it got off the ground. A different approach was therefore needed and invariably adopted. Bearing in mind Kevin's association over recent years with the former secretary of the New Zealand National Front,  Kerry Bolton, — an association I repeatedly warned him against, albeit such warnings falling on deaf ears — the most recently adopted stratagem certainly deserves further investigation.

Kevin Chesham was resident in New Zealand at the time Kerry Bolton was a prominent National Front executive. Furthermore, Bolton is founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path (renamed Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, then the Order of Deorc Fyre, and in the same year created the Black Order). Bolton was a former member of the Temple of Set (an offshoot of the Church of Satan) and was briefly secretary for the New Zealand Fascist Union. Kerry Bolton's Order was intended to be an activist front promoting an "occult-fascist axis." A masters thesis written about Kerry Bolton published by the Waikato University titled Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path; a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo-Nazi Synthesis was pulled from the library pending investigation after Kerry Bolton complained to the Vice-Chancellor. It dealt with the link between neo-Nazi and satanic beliefs in New Zealand. Professor Dov Bing, who supervised the thesis, called it a first-class piece of work. Coincidentally, self-proclaimed pseudo-occultist David Farrant founded the Order of the Black Moon in the 1970s and, as known by most with an interest in such things, transferred his support to the National Front when he was prevented by the authorities from standing as an independent Wicca Workers' Party candidate in the British General Election of 1978. The National Front was one of the "other political groups" he was talking about in his published letter to the editor of the Hornsey Journal, 21 July 1978.

Extract from Farrant's published letter in the Hornsey Journal.

This is the sort of hypocritical falsehood we have become familiar with down the years from David Farrant. Unsurprisingly, it has now been adopted by his new recruits in Basildon. Farrant attempted to stand at the 1978 General Election on an extremist platform under the Wicca Workers' Party banner. Its election cry was "Wiccans Awake!" which will sound familiar to anyone acquainted with Nazi slogans. He was thwarted because of his criminal past, but not before he had established his dubious political credentials which in part were identical to some on the far right. In the last handful of years, Kevin has followed in the footsteps of Farrant by using deception and lies to further his own sinister agenda against people whose hospitality and friendship he abused and betrayed. He is worse than Farrant because, unlike an enemy one might face to risk a sword in the chest, Kevin Chesham has stabbed his friends in the back.

Compare David Farrant's yellow W.W.P. poster slogan
with that of the white extremist poster on the right.