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Kevin Chesham, Redmond McWilliams and David Farrant in a London graveyard in May 2013.

"My friend Kev is arriving back in the UK soon from Saudia Arabia. ... he’s looking forward to a couple of months on the somewhat cooler coast of the South of England. ... He’s also be saying ‘hello’ to some old friends whilst in the UK." – David Farrant (6 May 2013)

"I know that our cold and dismal beaches are nothing compared to the glorious waterfront tracks which Kev enjoys every morning over there, but they do have their own unique charms and attractions. And scenery! I mean, all those picturesque clifftops for one thing, and the blissful fresh sea air and silence when no one else is around. ... We all run along the south coast each day, favouring one particular route for our morning run along the Overcliff Drive. Well this route came up in conversation with Kev today and so I asked Kev his thoughts about it, bearing in mind that it means that he will inadvertently find himself on a daily basis within 100 yards of a certain person. ... Kev is also very excited, because while he’s in the UK he will also have a chance to discuss his pending and now almost completed autobiography." – Beverley Mason (6 May 2013)

"Kev is finally back in UK after two long years in Saudi Arabia. He brought with him the almost finished manuscript of his forthcoming autobiography which chronicles his adventures in Highgate during the Highgate ‘vampire’ saga. ... Kev was looking extremely healthy and fit, and is looking forward to some  ‘sporting’ action in the UK, but is also going to take advantage of his stay in the UK to take care of some personal matters at the same time. Then it's back to the real heat again." – David Farrant (19 May 2013)

Kevin Chesham has barely been back in the country a month and the threats have already begun to manifest in the form of two cards received this morning in envelopes written in his barely disguised handwriting (though some slight attempt was made to disguise it, his apparent inability to alter his style is glaringly obvious) that were posted from where he and Beverley Mason are residing in Essex.

The first card, sent in a pink envelope, carries the legend "While You're in Hospital." The second, sent in a white envelope, is a Sympathy card intended for someone who has lost a loved one. Neither card is signed, but the intention is quite obvious. My wife opened these cards and took them as a direct threat on us both.

Though he has tried to alter his erstwhile very recognisable handwriting on the two envelopes by writing in an infantile manner with large characters (possibly employing his left hand), you would have no need to be a graphologist to see that individual characters in our address written on the envelopes match exactly those Kevin has employed in his correspondence down the years to various people. Sample below:

Regarding Kevin Chesham's so-called autobiographical claims, I stated on 3 March 2012 on this blog that when these machinations first began to be revealed by Farrant around Christmas 2010, internet-users were told that Kevin alleged to have been involved in the Highgate Vampire case and possessed a lot of "information" concerning it. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, as I have never discussed this case with him and, moreover, he has shown no interest whatsoever in it; at least, not in my presence. Kevin would have been barely sixteen when the occurrences at Highgate Cemetery became known to the wider public, and the principal contagion was all but exorcised around the period when he and I first had accidental contact and became acquainted. So that strategy failed before it so much as got off the ground.

Though he obtained my bestselling book about the case, I doubt he ever read it. He certainly never discussed it with me or anyone else known to me. Now he is attempting to exploit it for his own ends. The truth is he knew nothing about the investigation until decades after it was over when he obtained a copy of The Highgate Vampire (among other of my books) in the 1990s. He could not have read it because he took umbrage at Keith Maclean participating in a documentary about the case made by the Discovery Channel (also available on DVD) and couldn't understand why I involved Keith who, of course, received a fee. There was clearly more than an element of jealousy in Kevin's reaction which some believe was the trigger that led to him coming out of the closet and revealing his treacherous true colours at a later date. The fact is that Keith Maclean was instrumental in my investigation into the Highgate happenings at their inception; something Kevin Chesham should have known if he had actually bothered to read my book.

When it was discovered that Kevin was engaged in treachery and had been acting as a mole for Farrant who promises to publish Kevin's "autobiographical" fantasies from his Muswell Hill bedsitting room, I was obliged to create this rebuttal blog owing to the malice and incitements of hatred against me and mine.

Kevin Chesham, like Farrant before him, wants his fifteen minutes of infamy. In order to achieve this he has decided to become yet another unconnected person to try and hop on the Highgate Vampire bandwagon.

Apart from myself and Keith Maclean,  whom he met at luncheons my wife and I hosted, Kevin Chesham and his wife Beverley Mason have not had contact with anyone genuinely connected with the investigation of the Highgate Vampire case, and, as can be confirmed by those present on each and every occasion, the case itself was never raised or discussed in their presence. Had it been, he would have been aware of Keith Maclean's part in it and understood why he was involved in the making of the documentary. But he didn't, and Kevin Chesham's own pettiness, anger and envy got the better of him in the end. 

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