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"Throughout history, back-stabbers have stuck the proverbial knife into their friend's back for something they were after. Brutus sought power and, while gossiping with co-conspirators, the idea was conceived to back-stab his friend Caesar in the front. His treachery was despicable considering Caesar was a loyal and close friend of his. All back-stabbers retain the appearances of friendship, but are truly ready to abandon it when they give in to what they want. They are only friends in appearances and have their eye on another prize. Chesham's eye was on the one thing which has eluded him all his life: celebrity and all that is associated with it. He foolishly saw Farrant as a short-cut to achieving this and ended up becoming just another Judas doing a deal for 'thirty pieces of silver' which in his case turns out to be the promise for his fabricated nonsense finding publication at the hands of someone who has made his life's career out of peddling such lies and deception. For this puny prize he is willing to betray and harm those who have been most generous, kind and charitable toward him. It would have been better for Chesham if he had not been born." Veritas Aequitas


Kevin a few years ago, left, and (back on the steroids) in 2013.

"Seán does not and has never to my knowledge owned an actual dog. For one thing he is scared of them." Kevin Chesham (posted from Dubai on his hate blog, February 2013) 

I have always had an affinity with animals and when my parents and I lived at Newstead Abbey Park where my maternal grandparents resided we kept alsation dogs which I became close to. Indeed, I frequently took walks with one of them. I certainly have no fear of dogs, but I remember how Kevin lived in constant terror of dogs when he ran on Hampstead Heath in the 1970s. He wore a chain around his waist which he took off and swung in circles like a propellor to ward off any nearby dogs. Again, he is projecting his own state of mind onto me, just as he has projected much else. This transference process includes his ideology.

Kevin's past contains secrets to which I am not privy. Years ago I was told that he had a troubled childhood. I know nothing about this, but his correspondence to me this century was very angry and dwelt on him being reduced to menial work at local government establishments, eg pool attendant jobs. This is more or less the sort of employment he was in when I first met him. Perhaps he felt life had not treated him particularly well and resented the fact that he had not improved his lot. Life, of course, is what you make of it.

Within a couple of years before his final visit, Kevin shared the news that he had been sacked from his local council job at a pool establishment. No details were forthcoming, but employment in local government was secure back then and to be summarily dismissed must have entailed a very serious offence. He was especially sullen from this period onward. A mutual friend by the name of Laurie much later remarked: "A twisted turncoat without any humour. Has he ever laughed properly? I can't see that. Where is his pleasure?" His pleasure, it would transpire, would evince itself in the form of trying to cause harm to me and mine; a perverse ambition he shares with David Farrant. Another mutual friend, Anthony, remarked how the only time he can remember ever seeing Kevin smile (in photographs, see below) was when he was in the company of Farrant at the latter's Muswell Hill Road bed-sitting room.

Kevin has not worked at a council-run establishment since his mysterious dismissal some years back. Curiously, around the same time, Beveley Mason suddenly ceased working as a teacher, something she had done as long as I have known her, and now found herself employed at a leisure centre in Brentford. 

Kevin reveals next to nothing about himself and I know less about him at the end than I did in the beginning.

In many ways I feel sorry for Kevin because he has absolutely no true friends and, when he had, he treated them, not least my wife and I, with utter contempt through his behaviour and ultimately his betrayal. I am in no doubt that our private address was made available to David Farrant by him as far back as Easter 2002.

We were very occasionally approached by various churches at different times to shelter individuals who might otherwise be at risk. This was owing chiefly to my work investigating such groups and, of course, From Satan To Christ (published in 1988 some time after it was no longer safe for me to operate in that spiritual minefield without the risk of being detected).

These anecdotes inform why we accepted up until Lent 2002 those who needed our help and gave them a safe haven or sanctuary. The reason we did so is because we were asked, and the rooms were available. It did not happen often, it should be stated, but the moment our whereabouts were compromised it ceased.

The address of our private retreat in England was generally unknown up until Easter 2002 at which time it was betrayed by someone privy to it. We now know the identity of that person. Unsolicited mail of a vaguely threatening nature began to arrive with a London postmark. It was handed to WPC Suzie Cregan who opened a crime file on our behalf. Alarm bells should have started to ring when an item arrived on Tuesday April 23rd (St George's Day) of that year with insufficient stamps and a single word comprising its message. The word was: "Moving?" The message was sent by a man resident in Muswell Hill who had been convicted in the 1970s of satanic crimes at Highgate Cemetery and sending police witnesses voodoo death dolls in a separate case involving a Satanist friend of his who was later convicted of sexual assault.

Two of the people we mentioned the possibility of our relocation to were Kevin Chesham and Beverley Mason. They both took an extraordinary interest in our plans, and always made a point of raising it every time we heard from them, or saw them. In the event, we did not relocate but instead established an interest elsewhere whilst still retaining the retreat. Yet for the next couple of years Kevin and Beverley found little else to talk about in our company. When they realised the retreat would remain unsold, however, with nothing disclosed about any other interests, they started to become agitated. This was most apparent when they attended a celebration dinner in my honour in July 2007, which was the last year in which we saw them. We do not permit smoking at the retreat, but on this occasion we were mostly seated in the sun lounge abutting the garden and grotto with the doors wide open. The wife of an old friend who was seated next to the open doors happened to start smoking. Everyone had long since finished eating, but the Kevin and Beverley took extreme umbrage, gathered up their bags and jackets, and stormed off in an almighty huff. We would only see them once more. Five months later they appeared on Boxing Day with treachery in their hearts. This I have dealt with elsewhere.

It was not too long after the the two occasions in 2007 that collusion became apparent between Kevin and Beverley (for whom nothing but kindness and generosity had been shown in the handful of years they had been visiting) and the London based David Farrant who has been my adversary for a great many years. 

There are no short cuts in life. Kevin should have realised, as a long distance runner, that if you cheat you will eventually be found out and disqualified. Whatever the cause of his incredible shift in direction, we either face the Light or our own shadow. The struggle in life is to remain true and stick to the difficult Path ahead whilst avoiding inevitable temptation at every twist and turn. Kevin clearly succumbed to temptation along the way, and, unless he genuinely seeks to make amends and looks to  be absolved through contrition, he will remain for ever more with the consequences of his disloyalty, dishonesty and deception. We are at the helm of our own destiny when it comes to "turns and directions." The lesson to be learned is that once truth is sacrificed, as happened with Kevin, all else follows and becomes counterfeit. He alone can strive, if he so desires, to recover what is lost; turning away from his own dark shadow; only he can determine whether he wishes to dwell in perpetual darkness or seek the Light he abandoned.

Kevin Chesham in the mid-1970s.
We still receive from Kevin neo-Nazi material through the post; some of it overtly satanic and clearly in the Kerry Bolton mould. Every so often something arrives with a Gatwick postmark, indicating that he had asked somebody returning or visiting the United Kingdom to post it for him upon their arrival at Gatwick. The envelopes are addressed to me in Kevin's familiar handwritten capital letters.

Occult-Fascist material posted to me on 19 March 2013.

The Faustian Circle is a supposed self-styled Occult-Fascist group, allegedly formed in London, England, on New Year's Day 2013. It claims to be dedicated to promoting the creed of National Gnosticism and the doctrine of Social Darwinism in its "eternal struggle for Survival of the Fittest." 

Aleister Crowley also features heavily on their blog, as does Kevin Chesham's friend Kerry Bolton.
The Faustian Circle claims to be a "Secret Order working to shape thinking and to manipulate events from behind the scenes. It encouragea its supporters to be active in political organisations in Great Britain in order to influence policy and to spread the National Gnostic message. Likewise its Faustian Youth section is involved in musical subcultures such as Industrial, Black Metal, Goth, Punk/Post-Punk, Neo-Folk and such like." It also claims to seek contact with "like minded groups and individuals in Europe and throughout the World."

The literature received via Royal Mail provides a link to a website advertising books by Kerry Bolton.

Kevin Chesham in the new century.
I recall Kevin using Steven Books a lot in the years prior to the final meeting I had with him in 2007. Indeed, I received lots of literature clearly purchased by him from Steven Books and then forwarded unsolicited to me. I assumed this was due to my interest in our country's history and the fact that, as a photographer, I had met Mosley and his wife in my youth. The literature and other items I received all had in common one thing  they were invariably about Fascism and National Socialism, and largely promoted it. There was a worrying accumulation of these curiosities toward the end of my tenuous association with Kevin Chesham. I had barely seen him down the years, save for the last handful or so when he cropped up at parties at my private retreat or dropped by, often uninvited, on Boxing Day. This never amounted to seeing him more than once, or, at best, twice a year in the latter period. In 2007, I made it my business to dispose of his political propaganda items and sell on collectables and any  remaining neutral or critical literature from him.

Such material Kevin continues to send to me with motives known only to him; motives which are born in a twisted mind that has now become very deeply disturbed. This man, as others have observed, completely lacks humour and dwells his own darkness void of spiritual content. He is clearly troubled and sick.

I have reason to believe that the so-called "Faustian Circle" was dreamt up by Kevin Chesham and David Farrant. Its "recommended reading list," amongst a plethora of titles promoting Nazism, Black Magic and Satanism, includes two of my own books. These are not as random as at first they might appear. One is about an investigation into the malign supernatural while the other warns against the dark occult. Both books are justifiably critical of Kevin's collaborating friend Farrant. My name, as the author, is naturally also published. This might suggest the Faustian Circle is supportive of me when, in fact, it is not. This rather conveniently provides something yet further for Kevin to use to incite hatred when hypocritically feeding his false information, as it has been confirmed he has already done, to the "Unite Against Fascism" group. I have little doubt that the Faustian Circle is entirely the creation Kevin Chesham.


A fresh blog was posted by the "Faustian Circle" (aka Kevin Chesham with David Farrant) on 18 July 2013. It is devoted to maligning myself and is recognisably Farrant's propaganda. Farrant is let off the hook, of course, while I am smeared yet again with his unsubstantiated allegations (dealt with earlier on my blogsite). It, therefore, came as no surprise to receive from Kevin Chesham the very next day a printed-out copy of the online page where I am misrepresented. The blog's rant ends with the following statement: "For the record, Kevin Chesham is NOT a member of the Faustian Circle." Nor is anybody else! The Faustian Circle does not exist save on the internet where its was created. The "Faustian Circle" IS Kevin Chesham!

These are the accusations made against me (by Kevin Chesham) on the new "Faustian Circle" blog entry:

"Manchester is President of the British Occult Society."

The British Occult Society does not exist. It was formally dissolved in August 1988. The BOS was an investigation bureau which examined occult claims and also researched paranormal phenomena. It did not engage in occultism. David Farrant fraudulently claimed to be its president until he adopted the nomenclature "British Psychic and Occult Society" for his bogus organisation. He misrepresented the BOS.

"He was excommunicated from the Old Catholic Church."

I have not been excommunicated from any Church, including the OCC, and nobody has ever claimed to have excommunicated me. This lie is spread solely by Farrant and latterly further disseminated by Kevin.

"Manchester was said [by Farrant and latterly Kevin] to have canvassed for the British National Front (NF) in the past, and more recently to have links to the British National Party (BNP)."

This falsehood has been peddled over recent years by David Farrant and repeated by Kevin Chesham. Nobody else has made the allegation which is totally without substance. I have not supported (nor canvassed on behalf of) any political party at any time. Farrant, on the other hand, switched whatever support he might have garnered at the 1978 General Election from his Wicca Workers Party to the National Front. Kevin and his wife, Beverley Mason, claimed in front of witnesses, including my wife, that the pair of them were fully signed-up members of the British National Party and had attended BNP functions.

I do not support political systems per se, and reserve my faith, loyalty and energy for spiritual matters that manifest in the traditional English Catholicism I represent as an episcopally consecrated bishop.

Nota Bene:

Following my addendum in the wake of the Faustian Circle's 18 July 2013 blog, the claim that I was "excommunicated from the Old Catholic Church" was deleted and replaced with the equally false allegation that I was "laicised from the Old Catholic Church for 'un-Christian behaviour', by Bishop Illytyd Thomas of Muswell Hill, North London." The fact is that the late Illtyd Thomas did not have the authority to "laicise" me and before his hastily written notice was contrived with David Farrant's assistance Thomas had already been excommunicated and anathematised for unChristian behaviourA member of the Ecclesiastical Law Society brought to our attention documentary evidence that Illtyd Thomas had a criminal conviction for theft, had blessed homosexual "unions" and had wittingly "ordained" sexually active sodomites. Illtyd Thomas also cultivated a close association with the one of the most notorious paedophiles in criminal history in the UK - Roger Gleaves - who "ordained" him sub conditione (we now possess copies of the "Instruments") despite Illtyd Thomas always having strenuously denied this allegation against him. He was also known to have had associations with various other paedophiles, many of whom are now deceased. It had been known for a long time that Illtyd Thomas had innumerable occult connections - including Masons, Theosophists and sundry occultists – some of whom he illicitly ordained. David Farrant, possibly Britain’s most infamous self-publicist in phoney witchcraft and pseudo-occultism, befriended Illtyd Thomas in early 2007, having been an invited guest to Illtyd Thomas' Muswell Hill home in north London. Farrant resides less than a mile from Illtyd Thomas' address (until his death) in a bed-sitting room he has occupied since his parole release from prison. 

Since his collusion with Farrant in early 2007, Illtyd Thomas had been the subject of much discussion and concern by innumerable independent Catholic jurisdictions in the UK. It had already been decided to excommunicate Illtyd Thomas upon discovery in December 2006 that he was then still alive. He had been investigated thoroughly with due consideration since documentary evidence was received in 2002.

Hence, at thirteen hundred hours, ie 1.00 pm (GMT), on the Feast of St David, the former bishop of the autocephalous Old Catholic jurisdiction known as the "Celtic Catholic Church" was duly excommunicated on the grounds of violating the sacred species and his office by ordaining and consecrating sexually active homosexuals, paedophiles, occultists and criminals; being guilty of heresy by accepting sexually active homosexual, paedophile and occultic clergy, and colluding with a malefic individual who is also a pseudo-occultist, ie David Farrant, to do harm to the ministry, church and person of an autocephalous English Catholic jurisdiction overseen by myself. The excommunication was officiated and led by me using the traditional formula in the Roman Rite. All major Christian denominations were informed. None objected. 

Almost eight months after its founding, this appeared on The Faustian Circle's blog on 21 July 2013:

"The Faustian Circle is now disbanded and the previously listed contact email address of the Order is no longer in use. In any case our circle of supporters never amounted to more than a handful of individuals. This blog is now suspended and will not be updated. Previous posts will be maintained as a historical archive and resource for researchers."

Eight months later, another statement was published on 26 March 2014, saying the following:

"The Faustian Circle has been relaunched after the previous Blog Master was forced to retire due to health reasons. ***** was persuaded to hand over control of the F.C. Blog to the Council of the Faustian Circle. We are glad to report that he has now made a full recovery and still supports our organisation."

(The edited out name - ***** - is exactly as it originally appeared on The Faustian Circle.)

Nobody showed any interest in The Faustian Circle until it decided to launch its attack upon myself.

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