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"It is treachery to go to a sworn enemy of someone you have known as a friend for decades and engage in a collusion to do that friend harm. If he and his wife are being put in danger due to incitements of the kind being made by Kevin Chesham with David Farrant's collusion he has every right to judge the situation and act accordingly because he has a duty to protect his own. Seán Manchester has many, many friends and they know exactly what he represents and believes, which is why he can be so open about matters where others in a similar position would be more coy and circumspect. It is Chesham and Mason who have been in the closet, which might explain their behaviour. If Seán Manchester was also in the closet, these unpleasant people would not be attacking him in the way they are now. They have simply become more extreme with time. Chesham has joined with Farrant and like Farrant is uttering a stream of lies. It is all very well him saying 'On one occasion ... etc' but it is empty rhetoric without some proof that such a thing was said. Others were present, so why didn't they hear any of these claims made by Chesham? I think if you knew the truth about Chesham and how Seán Manchester warned him against his Fascist and LHP occult connections you would begin to see more clearly. Chesham was apparently always fascinated by the Third Reich, but he only came to cultivate an interest in Satanists like Kerry Bolton in recent years."  Vebjørn Hästehufvud (taken from comments made on a McWilliams/Hogg Facebook group where it is discussed.)

"Let's take a look at exactly what the poster reveals about Farrant's views ... Farrant adopts the Nazi slogan 'Germany Awake!' as his own, and converts it to 'Wiccans Awake!' He then calls for 'an end to ritual slaughter.' Who engages in ritual slaughter in the UK? Jews and Muslims! Nobody else conducts this practice in the UK. So who was that particular policy aimed at? He also calls for 'free love' (as practised by the SS?) and Britain quitting the Common Market which has only been championed by parties such as UKIP, the BNP, National Front and just about every other far right group. All this was reflected in the article, but what about the poster the editor was quoting from? It called for the 'outlawing of Communism' and the 'banning of Freemasonry' - all of which are aspirations of neo-Nazi groups like the NF. Farrant also states that he wants to make wicca the 'state religion' which does not bode well for Christians and others who warn against witchcraft." Timelord (taken from the Supernatural World forum where it is discussed.)

Kevin Chesham's incitements and lies have only been spread via the internet by a small handful of people whom I largely identify on the previous blog. They all have their own reasons for doing this, but are they merely random detractors with an axe to grind, or could there be something more sinister afoot?

"As all my friends can attest to, I wouldn't be willing to hurt a fly and I have never used violence against others." (Extract from Anders Behring Breivik's Manifesto)

If something feels and looks wrong it most probably is wrong. The mass murderer Anders Breivik has more or less been taken at face value by most people who would describe him as a "neo-Nazi" even though he was an active member of the Freemasons who openly supported Israel and stated in his writings that he disliked Hitler and the Third Reich. Moreover, throughout his trial in Norway he gave Marxist clenched fist salutes at arm's length in the style of groups such as the Black Panthers. Who picked up on these glaring anomalies? Certainly not the media or interested observers. Breivik, I suspect, was a programmed stooge.

Likewise, Kevin Chesham is not what he nowadays claims to be. In fact, he could not be more removed from it.

Kevin Chesham, Redmond McWilliams  and David Farrant at Highgate Cemetery.

Kevin Chesham (Basildon, Essex), married to Beverley Mason, claims to be a pacifist and a Buddhist despite being employed as a nightclub bouncer prior to his stroke, and putting former friends' lives in danger. He related two occasions, the first last century and the second earlier this century, when he was approached to join the Freemasons. It is more than likely there has been a more recent third occasion.

Kevin Chesham repeats a quote frequently incorrectly attributed to Joseph Goebbels when it was actually Adolf Hitler who used it in Mein Kampf [He attributes it correctly in his private correspondence of 10 December 2001 to Keith Maclean, but incorrectly identifies Goebbels as the source on his blog]: "If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." This quote adequately sums up Kevin's modus operandi in one sentence. It can equally be applied to his friend David Farrant whom the judiciary, juries, journalists and many others have described as a pathological liar.
Beverley Mason aka "Raggety Ricketts" (Basildon, Essex), married to Kevin Chesham, claimed all the time I knew her to be a Christian (Church of England), but now claims she was and still is a Buddhist.

Beverley Mason cynically says of the man who drove a flashy American car with personalised number plates and worshipped Mosley: "Financial gain has never been a motivator for Kev. He also hopes however that some readers may choose to make a donation to a charity of his choice, Unite Against Fascism."

David Farrant aka Allan Farrow (Muswell Hill, London), twice divorced, not in a relationship, claims in the past to have been a practitioner of witchcraft, but is regarded by his Luciferian friends to be a Luciferian.

David Farrant says: "Our old friend Kev Chesham gave us a filmed interview about his new book putting across his infiltration of a secret 3rd Reich group in England and subsequent findings which have filled his book. Kev has been instrumental in launching his own Blog in which he says he has yet to reveal more about some 'bonky individuals' who all fit into the story. So please tune in everyone."

Jamie Coster now known as Jamie Farrant (Southampton, Hampshire), unmarried, in a relationship, atheist, anti-Christian and extremely anti-Roman Catholic. Uses excessive profanity, has a sick and blasphemous sense of humour (like his biological father) and indulges in stalking. He is the son of David Farrant from whom he was estranged from 1969  when his mother left his biological father and moved to Southampton  until 2010 when he decided to search out Farrant and join in his vendetta that has persisted since the beginning of the 1970s when Jamie Coster was just three years' old. The rest of Coster's family understandably want no part of Farrant. Jamie Coster published on the internet a private address where I can be found, alongside extreme incitements of hatred containing malicious accusations, including Kevin Chesham's manufactured allegations.

Jamie Farrant says: "I must say [Kevin Chesham's claims] makes very interesting reading ...  it's looking quite grim for Sean [Manchester] at the moment."

Anthony Hogg (Melbourne, Australia), unmarried, not in a relationship, claims to be a non-conformist Christian but evinces extremely unChristian behaviour, eg profanity (I have been referred to as "a fuckin' lowlife" by Hogg). There is not a day that passes where Hogg is not posting harassing comments about me somewhere on the internet. This self-proclaimed non-conformist's cyber-friends are either immersed in witchcraft and the occult, or profess to be atheists. Constantly critical of me because I am a traditionalist, Hogg befriended John Pope, a self-styled "a master of the black arts." I am intrigued to find Hogg distinguishing between Luciferians and Satanists because only an occult-minded non-Christian would make that distinction. "Luciferian" is a euphemism for Satanist and adherents engage in the same unpleasant practices. How do we distinguish between Jean-Paul Bourre performing an animal sacrifice in a graveyard at night during what he euphemistically calls a "Red Mass" and a self-proclaimed Satanist, as Pope has been since the early 1970s, doing the same? Not surprisingly, self-styled "Luciferians" and Satanists are frequently found to be associated and supportive of one another. Yet the professed "non-conformist" Anthony Hogg differentiates between Luciferians and Satanists while all other Christians recognise Satanism commonly referred to as Devil worship as being the general term for worship of the biblical Lucifer, or Satan (Genesis 3: 1 – 15; Isaiah 14: 12).

For even Satan disguises himself as  an angel of
light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants
also disguise themselves as servants of righteous-
ness; whose end shall be according to their deeds.”

2 Corinthians 11: 14 -15

Hogg isseemingly unaware of the Christian understanding that Lucifer, Satan and the Devil are three different names for the same angel. Lucifer refers to this angel when he lived in heaven. Satan and the Devil are names for this angel after he became evil and came to our earth. Lucifer was created by God as a perfect angel. He was called Lucifer while he lived in heaven. After he sinned and persistently refused to repent he was thrown out of heaven. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven he lost his name Lucifer and became known as Satan.

Satan is the name that is used for Lucifer after he was thrown out of heaven. He is also called the Devil. Satan is now a sinful, fallen angel. The Devil will leave the spirit world and appear on earth in a visible form. Then he will be called the Beast.

Anthony Hogg says: "Why did Chesham need to put this stuff through Farrant? A good question and one that hasn't been answered yet. But does that automatically invalidate Chesham's testimony? No. It was dumb including John Pope and Jean-Paul Bourre, two of the Satanists in question, in the mix. Especially as Pope is now Muslim and Bourre is a Luciferean [sic] as distinct from a Satanist."

Redmond McWilliams (Morden, Surrey), an atheist who collaborates closely with Farrant to troll me on the internet and  who, like Anthony Hogg, is totally obsessed with Highgate Cemetery's past.

McWilliams recently used his Highgate Cemetery Facebook group to critcise the Roman Catholic Church: "Not so long ago the Catholic church proposed to threaten Catholic politicians in the UK with excommunication if they voted in favour of a civil partnership bill for same sex couples. And they say that it's Christians who are under attack from 'militant secularists'!?! "

John Pope has known Farrant since October 1973 and stood alongside him in the dock at the Old Bailey in 1974 after they were arrested together while performing a demon raising ceremony at a derelict house. Pope was naked while Farrant wore a mackintosh as the pair attempted to summon something from the depths of the Pit with Farrant wielding a ritual dagger surrounded by symbols.

John Pope, once the head of the United Temples of Satan, and a self-styled Mason, supports ritual human sacrifice, but settles for animal sacrifice. David Farrant has claimed as far back as 1973 to support animal sacrifice in the Hornsey Journal, 28 September 1973 and Hornsey Journal, 31 August 1973. In the latter he stated when interviewed by Roger Simpson: "Hundreds of years ago a naked virgin would have been sacrificed, but obviously we couldn't do that now so we had to have an animal for the important ritual."

David Farrant's close friend since December 1979, Jean-Paul Bourre, a self-proclaimed Luciferian and Mason, also has a predilection for killing defenceless animals, usually in deserted graveyards, to fulfill the depraved needs of a satanic ceremony. Bourre can be seen doing so on a French television programme at this link:

Jean-Paul Bourre's Bourre's Luciferian friend Marcos Drake interviewed David Farrant on French television. The interview can be seen at this link:

What do we know about Luciferianism and indeed Jean-Paul Bourre? David Farrant informs us in a magazine article called "Witch Report" (Penthouse [UK], Vol. 8, No. 8, 1973, page 19): "Satanists worship Lucifer, the supreme power of evil, whereas witchcraft is a neutral thing — it's only evil if practised for an evil purpose." Like several of his Luciferian acquaintances, Jean-Paul Bourre amongst them, David Farrant, who has stated that he abandoned witchcraft in 1982, describes himself as someone who “accepts Lucifer as an important deity” and that he “worships Lucifer.” His words can be heard on The Devil’s Fool CD (Gothic Press) which comprises thirty-two interview extracts of David Farrant.

And what of Jean-Paul Bourre? Farrant is quite explicit in his earliest self-published pamphlet from which the photograph and caption, below, appear. According to Farrant, his longstanding friend Jean-Paul Bourre is "a leading Satanist" and in the picture Bourre is seen attempting "to invoke the Devil."

This brings us smartly on to Kevin Chesham who had completely transformed after living in New Zealand and forming an association with Kerry Bolton, founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path (renamed Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, then the Order of Deorc Fyre, and in the same year created the Black Order). Bolton was a former member of the Temple of Set (an offshoot of the Church of Satan) and was briefly secretary for the New Zealand Fascist Union. Kerry Bolton's Order was intended to be an activist front promoting an "occult-fascist axis." A masters thesis was written about Kerry Bolton and published by the Waikato University titled Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path; a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo-Nazi Synthesis that dealt with the link between neo-Nazi and satanic beliefs in New Zealand. This is the man Kevin Chesham stayed in touch with, even after my warnings. In 2010, of course, he and his wife Beverley Mason formed an unholy alliance with David Farrant and the latter's associates.

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